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At Store Express, we have helped hundreds of businesses to realise their dreams whether they are International, National or local. Thanks to our industry-leading eCommerce web design, we have been able to build completely unique websites for all kinds of companies. We design for online success, customer engagement and sales.

Based in Berkshire, we know our stunning website designs, will increase clicks, conversions and sales across your entire online presence in Reading.

Bespoke eCommerce Web Design

Our experienced team have built high-quality websites for all industries. We specialise in designing for both businesses and customers, to ensure an onlineplatform which is perfect for both. User experience is one of the most important parts of modern online retail. Thanks to our premium eCommerce web design, you can be assured that your business will be able to grow.

Our website designs aren't just designed for the here and now. We specialise in creating designs which are not only future-proof, but which can be evolved as your businesses requires. We understand that your website will need to change as your business grows or changes over the years.

Our websites are perfect for growing businesses. Thanks to our bespoke development, you will be able to create an eCommerce website which includes all the features that you require for a great user experience. Our solutions are the perfect foundation for your business to grow online, attract new customers and drive sales. Our professional team of web designers from all over the world have a knack for finding the perfect layout, style and design to suit your unique brand identity.

Your Local Website Design Agency

Thanks to our team's dedicated service, it can feel like we're a website design agency on your doorstop in Reading! We make all of our websites from scratch, meaning that you'll end up with a bespoke, branded online presence which is perfect for your business. Thanks to our friendly service, you'll be able to remain in complete control of your website design from start to finish.

We may have worked with some of the biggest brands around, but that doesn't mean we've adopted a big brand identity. We still believe in providing a personal service to all of our clients. The focus of every one of our projects is making sure that your business gets the website design it needs to engage with customers and drive sales.

Website Design Trends

Our team of website designers and developers keep up to date with the latest trends and fashions. However, that doesn't mean we always follow them. We don't believe in doing something for a website, just because another site has it.

We look at each project individually. Any eCommerce web design that we create may take inspiration from the latest trends and it may include the latest techniques, but only if they offer a real benefit to the website in question. There are plenty of other website design agencies who will create an online platform which blindly follows the latest trends. At Store Express, we'd rather you ended up with the perfect online retail website design for you.

Website Designs For Corporate Brochure Websites

If your business will not benefit from offering online retail, then we can develop a simple and stylish brochure website. These websites are the perfect option for any B2B or B2C business that offers a service rather than products. Inspired by corporate leaflets, these brochure websites can be the perfect online presence for any business.

On a brochure website design you can create content explaining your services or products as well as ensure that your business has a dedicated online presence. Every business needs to have a face online, aside from social media accounts. Our stunning brochure websites can provide a clean, clear and engaging online face for your brand.

eCommerce Website Designs For Online Retail

We specialise in creating website for online retail. Our unique designs are a stunning way of attracting clicks, conversions and sales to your business. These are essential if you hope to grow your company online.

eCommerce is an incredibly complex and difficult world. You need to make sure that your customers actually trust your business enough to share their personal information with you. They also need to be able to enjoy their interaction with your business and it is your duty to make it as simple as possible.

Thanks to eCommerce web design from Store Express, you can use your online presence to create trust. You'd be surprised how important great website design is to building relationships with your customers. Your online presence is your virtual storefront. Just like you wouldn't walk into a high-end store if it had graffiti on the wall and smashed windows, you wouldn't choose to shop online with an ugly, difficult and dangerous looking website.

We can use design tricks and techniques to make sure that your brand looks completely trustworthy online. We can reassure your customer through every step of their sales journey, and make sure that they are satisfied with their purchase.

Imagery Led Web Designs

If you're involved in a highly-visual industry, we can make sure that it is reflected in your stunning website. We can create imagery led web designs with a focus on bold images that are designed to catch attention and fire your customer's imagination. These websites are perfect for any kind of design, fashion or creative business.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. When used as part of an imagery led website design, they could be worth a thousand clicks, a thousand conversions and a thousand sales. Whether you want to show off your stunning clothes, your breath-taking artwork, unforgettable interior design or even the photographs that you've taken, imagery led website design could be the perfect strategy for you.

A Wide Range Of Website Layouts

As well as imagery led designs, we can create a variety of stunning websites to suit your business' unique requirements. Just some of the unique design layouts that we can create include:

  • Fast Mover Goods – This layout is perfect for any business which focuses on its products. As soon as your user clicks onto your site, it will work to display your premium products on a fast-moving carousel. This is a great way to display a lot of products in a short period of time and can result in a lot of sales for all kinds of products.

  • Content Driven – If you provide a service, you'll probably prefer to let your content do the talking. These websites are designed with a focus on the text, video or rich media of your choice. Using content to drive your customer's engagement with your site can be a highly rewarding strategy for clicks and sales.

Those are just two of the layout designs that we can provide. Whatever your needs, you can be sure that Store Express can design and develop the perfect solution for you.

Website Redesigns

If you have a website already, but you feel that it is starting to look a little dated, Store Express could be the perfect solution. Our team specialise in rejuvenating websites of all kinds and bringing them into line with modern designs. Whether your brand identity has changed over the years or you just want to bring your website up to date, our website redesign services are ideal for you.

We can redesign your website from scratch or just update it with the latest features. Our team can make sure that your new design follows your brand identity to the letter and effectively represents your business online.

Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Website Development

We specialise in creating responsive websites which can be accessed on all kinds of device. Thanks to the increases in technology and internet access,mobile devices now make up more than half of all searches and a large percentage of all retail transactions. You cannot afford to ignore such a large percentage of your audience if you want your business to succeed online.

At Store Express, we specialise in developing responsive websites which are suitable for every kind of device. There are three main techniques used when creating these websites, which are:

  • Media Queries,
  • Fluid Grids,
  • Flexible Media.

Our team can use this technology to create unique responsive websites which are mobile-friendly and can be comfortably used on any device.

Social Media: Facebook And Twitter Designs

Social media is more important to businesses than ever before. Today, you cannot afford to run a social media account for your business without equipping it with the very best designs.

Twitter Page Designs

Thanks to Store Express, you'll be able to equip your business with a contemporary Twitter page design to really make your business stand out on the social media. By making sure that your brand identity is at the forefront of your social media, you can increase engagement with your users. It is also essential to promoting your brand identity and making sure that it sticks in their minds.

Facebook Page Web Design

A unique Facebook banner page and complete account design can make your business stand out on the social media platform. We can even design a dedicated page as a tab on your Facebook account to make the transition from social media to your website as smooth as possible.

The key benefits of a Facebook page web design include:

  • Increased click-through rate (CTR) from social media to your website.
  • Increased brand exposure through landing pages.
  • Promotional banners designed to increase brand awareness.

Sell More Online

Here at Store Express, we can provide industry-leading website designs for B2B and B2C businesses. Whether you're looking for an eCommerce web design to sell more online, or a quality website to engage with your customers, get in touch with our professional team today.

We can offer complete web design and redesign services for all kinds of businesses. Whatever industry you're involved in, we can help you to realise your dreams and create a truly stunning online presence for clicks, conversions, sales and engagement.

For more information, or to talk about your bespoke eCommerce web design today, get in touch with our team directly on 0845 050 3500 or email us at In addition you can pop into our offices and have a drink at our Bar and play some pool.

“My experience with eStoreDesign has been a very good one.The service provided was professional & timely & communication was fabulous. Design was created far better than I described.E-mails were answered very quickly & easily readable instructions were provided as soon as templates were transferred to site. I had a minor problem with listing page (my inexperience not eStoreDesign) which Project Manager very promptly explained & solved. All in all a very good experience that I would highly recommend.”

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