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Today, thousands upon thousands of businesses are reliant on their social media for their continued existence. If Facebook is a major component of your online commerce solution, either as a platform in of itself or as a marketing tool, then you need to offer the very best social media presence that you can.

Here at Store Express, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the UKs best Facebook design agencies. Our striking social media designs are used by dozens of businesses, of all sizes, to encourage a high-rate of customer interaction with their online presence.

If youre looking for a style that can offer your brand identity heightened advertisement, and generate rewarding leads directly from your Facebook solution, then you need to take advantage of our extensive design experience.

Why Do I Need A Facebook Design Agency?

Over the years, as social media has become more and more essential to our everyday lives, Facebook has remained the most popular in the world. Facebook has more than 1.4 billion active users every month, and is a fantastic source for attracting potential traffic to your eCommerce or brochure website.

Social media is an integral component for you business, especially if you hope to build awareness of your brand, engage directly and publicly with your customers, clients and fans and generate additional leads for your business.

Once your Facebook page has been completely redesign, or designed from scratch, by our professional team, you will advertise your business to a much greater audience of potential customers. Along with informing your customers about your companys profile and products/services, you can gain crucial insights into your target market itself. This information can, at times, be far more valuable than the leads that your social media will generate.

Using the information gained through your social media, you can understand your target audience and your customers in much greater detail, and optimise your business to further meet their needs. This can have a long-lasting and positive impact on your business as a whole, and can often lead to a complete overhaul of your marketing efforts.

You need to create a strong, easily-identifiable and targeted Facebook page which meets the needs and expectations of your fan base. Including advertisements in your social media can also increase the attention that specific products receive, and have proven necessary to revive flagging sales of certain products or services.

What Can A Facebook Design Agency Do For Me?

A Unique Facebook Banner Page

When you choose to engage our services, our experienced team will create a series of rotating promotional banners, and static banners, which will be viewed by your targeted market on a specifically design Facebook banner page. This page will be accessible via a tab on your Facebook timeline, to allow a reader to easily engage with your advertising whilst browsing your feed.

This is also a clever way of ensuring only relevant traffic arrives at your website, and works to accumulate a fan base which will be increasingly receptive to the discussions, content and features which have been posted to your Facebook page. An active audience is one of the best forms of advertising that there is, and relevance is the key to engaging an active audience.

Our banner designs can also drive traffic directly to the right area of your website. We also make the most of the mobile market for your social media, as we include social bookmarking on specific and relevant landing pages, which work to direct even more people back to your website. Viral marketing is essential if you want to make a success of your online presence, particularly through the exciting advantages of social media.

The Key Benefits Of A Professional Facebook Design Include:

  • Increased click-through rate from your social media to your main online presence.
  • Increase your brand exposure, by allowing your users to view and click-through to your key products or services pages, otherwise known as landing pages.
  • Our promotional banners are designed for your business, uniquely, and work to encourage relevant traffic to arrive at your site.
  • To ensure ongoing relevance, you can dynamically alter your banner images and URLs directly from your content management system (CMS) at any time.

Facebook Newsletter Sign-Up

By including this module in your online solution, you can encourage Facebook users to opt-in to your email mailing list, and collect their provided information within your CMS. This mailing list can then be exported directly into your email marketing software.

When a visitor signs up to your mailing list, they will receive an automated welcome email, and providing further information on your brand. Whilst often overlooked by many modern businesses, email marketing remains one of the most effective forms of digital advertising to date.

Run Your Own Facebook Competitions

If you want to run Facebook competitions, you are taking the risk of running afoul of Facebooks terms and conditions. If you want to run a competition on Facebook, you need to use a third-party system to ensure complete reliability. Tools like Store Express Facebook Competitions Module allow you to set up multiple prize draws and competitions on Facebook to ensure complete impartiality they also allow you to collect valuable information and automate much of the process.

For An Industry-Leading Facebook Design Agency, Choose Store Express

Here at Store Express, we have extensive experience in the creation of high-converting and engaging Facebook designs. We are passionate about digital design, and social media, and we work alongside our clients to create a social media system that fully benefits them.

To learn more about the UKs leading Facebook design agency, or how our incredible services can benefit your business, contact us today.

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