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Do you spend hours listing products on eBay? Do you ever turn down customers because you have run out of stock? Do you wish you could manage your orders, control your stock, and save time using one single interface? Well now you can...

eBay Integration Explained...

Store Express can provide you with an integrated multi-channel eCommerce solution, bringing your eCommerce website and ebay store together in one single interface. With our eBay integration there is no need to log into your eBay account to list products, upload images and manage orders as all these features can be controlled from within the Store Express CMS, saving you from having to log in to eBay and your website separately.

Our developers use the eBay API (application programming interface) to make it possible for you to instantly list your products from your e-commerce website to eBay with the options of “Buy It Now", bidding, delivery, returns and shipping information. You will have the ability to add or remove multiple products on your eCommerce site and eBay store from one single eCommerce platform. The control you have using eBay integration is unbeatable! You have a wide range of controls from managing stock and order to accumulate customer details for newsletters.

Why trade on ebay.com?

Who hasn't heard of eBay? With over 15 million UK users, eBay is a playground for small, large, new and old businesses. It is a quick and easy way of making your products visible to millions of consumers without breaking the bank with multiple overheads.. Worldwide eBay has over 212 million customers who are able to sell and buy in more than 5,000 categories- so why wouldn't you trade on eBay?

Store Express' eBay integration streamlines the process of selling on multiple platforms. eBay is an exceptional platform on which to market and promote your products online via the internet.

Why do you need eBay Integration?

Whether you already sell on eBay or are considering it as your foray into the online world, you should seriously consider an integrated solution right from the start of your plans and here is why. If you are selling across multiple platforms it can become extremely difficult to co-ordinate stock across separate selling channels; this may result in customers not receiving goods, or complaints that there item is out of stock leading to a loss in revenue and sales. With eBay integration all your stock will be managed from one interface. You'll have the ability to take products offline or mark them as out of stock and the ability to communicate with your customers in regards to whether there item is available is a necessity! Have you ever got to the checkout to find your item is out of stock? It can be a huge annoyance and may be enough to stop a customer from returning to your store!

Secondly if you have an eCommerce website in addition to an eBay site in an integrated solution you are increasing your online visibility and carrying your brand name across the web to create a distinct online identity, giving you the opportunity to reach millions of customers through the World Wide Web.

By integrating your marketplaces together you can give customers the confidence that you are a legitimate business by selling of trusted platforms such as eBay. A professional eBay store can help you create a distinct brand identity backed up by your eCommerce website or vice versa. Also sell on Amazon? Look at our Amazon Integration! A Store Express integrated solution gives you the ability to grow your eCommerce platform as your business grows and in turn sell more online!

“Having spoken to the sales team at Store Express I felt confident that they could deliver what our company needed, a fully integrated system across several sales channels. I am absolutely thrilled with the design for the website, it was even better than I had hoped for. Dealing with the people at Store Express has been a pleasure, I couldn't have hoped for more helpful and friendly people to deal with, with a huge thank you to Rita my project manager who was a delight to deal with and always helpful. Having previously had other websites, I knew that how easy it was to use the website was a key issue, and I was immensely pleased that the Store Express Ecommerce Management System is very easy to use. With the functionality that we now have with our multi channel ecommerce system, we are looking forward to increasing our business in a way that would not have been possible before. From the experience I have had, I have no hesitation in recommending Store Express, in fact we are so happy with our experience that we are now using their sister company SEO Junkies.”

Denise Woods

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