What Is Multi-Channel eCommerce!

Multi-Channel eCommerce is an online eCommerce strategy which gives a business the ability to sell through a wide-range of online marketplaces alongside their main online platform. It is becoming increasingly popular amongst many businesses, as customers are interacting with a much wider range of online platforms.

Here at Store Express, we understand the opportunity that the ability to reach millions of potential customers and increasing your brand's online visibility can provide. We work to provide every company that we work with, with all the advantages that they can get to encourage their survival in the competitive online world.

Store Express' Industry-Leading Multi-Channel eCommerce Platform!

The most difficult part of a multi-channel strategy is the management of stock and orders across a wide range of platforms. This is where our unbeatable multi-channel solution comes into place.

With our extensive experience in the eCommerce industry, we have managed to create an integrated solution known as the Marketplace Edition. This eCommerce Management System (EMS) allows you to list, remove and edit products on a wide range of websites at once – including Amazon, eBay and your own website. You can also upload product images, print invoices and view individual orders from all marketplaces from one interface.

With a well-designed EMS, such as the Marketplace Edition, you don't need to waste hours changing individual product descriptions on a wide range of websites. This easily-manageable eCommerce solution works to save your business money through inefficiency or human error, along with the time your business wastes on tedious, platform-wide alterations.

To encourage the highest return on investment (ROI) you need to be able to control, manage and organise your business' online presence effectively. At Store Express, we know just how much time and effort a single, simple interface could save for your business.

How, Exactly, Does Multi-Channel eCommerce Work?

Our industry experts work to create an integrated solution that is developed as a result of first-hand experience and, as a result, is streamlined and easy to use. We include the interfaces of eBay, Amazon and Play.com into our platform to create the unbeatable Store Express Marketplace Edition.

We ensure that our interface keeps us with the latest evolutions of these platforms. We can also provide a module which enables your products to appear in the Google Shopping Feed, which is a fantastic way of generating additional custom and increasing your online visibility. We enable your business to be visible across as many platforms as possible, and encourage high levels of customer interaction with your brand.

Why Do You NEED A Multi-Channel eCommerce Solution?

The advantages of a multi-channel marketing strategy are endless, but here are three reasons why you absolutely need to utilise our incredible eCommerce solution.

  • You don't need to log in to an individual account on every online platform – you can control orders, stock and the products themselves from one wholly-integrated, easy to use interface.
  • As you can control stock universally, you can update your stock across all platforms live. This translates to a much more positive customer service, and works to instill further confidence in your consumer.
  • Store Express' Marketplace Edition can be updated with additional modules as your business requires them. This means that your growth will never be hindered by an inefficient system.

The Best Multi-Channel Solution!

We are extremely proud of our multi-channel platform, and we know that it has proven to be massively beneficial to a wide range of business, of all sizes and industries.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us directly on 0845 050 3500. Alternatively, you can email us at sales@storeexpress.co.uk and our multi-channel eCommerce experts will get back to you as soon as they can!

“The new look website, ebay and amazon stores are all now live!!! the day has finally arrived. Thanks to Store Express for all the hard work”


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