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Here at Store Express, we have been providing industry-leading eCommerce platforms for more than 15 years. Our extensive experience in every aspect of platform and website design has allowed us to constantly innovate and discover new ways in which to make our clients' online presences the very best that they can be for their business. Our specialised team understand every aspect of eCommerce, and can build you the site that your business needs, and your unique brand deserves.

High-Performing eCommerce Website Design

When it comes to eCommerce, the two main terms which you need to consider are 'Search Engine Optimisation' and 'Conversion Rate'. These are both massively important when it comes to making your online presence a success! They need to be thought about right from the very start of your eCommerce presence's design stage.

One comparison that is often drawn, rightly so, between online and offline retail is that they both rely on the initial attraction of the customer's attention. In much the same way that a business will work to make its physical presence attractive to passing trade, your eCommerce website needs to attract your customers too!

Through the latest design techniques and strategies, we can make your online presence fit with your brand and work in much the same way that a physical storefront would.

SEO-Friendly eCommerce Platforms

Search Engine Optimisation is perhaps the most important aspect to consider when building an online platform. Your business could boast the very best online platform available but, if it is not optimised for your potential customer's searches, it is likely that it will go unappreciated.

Here at Store Express, we ensure that every single one of our eCommerce websites is designed to incorporate the best SEO techniques. Our experienced team understand how to create a website which utilises the best 'white-hat' practices to ensure a high degree of searchability.

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, are developing an increased focus on websites which have been designed to provide the very best user experience. This is one of the driving forces behind every eCommerce website design that Store Express provides.

eCommerce And Conversion Rates

Your eCommerce presence might be the easiest site on the internet. It might attract entirely relevant traffic and, yet, result in very little transactions taking place.

This is where the second focus of our website designs comes into place. We create an online platform which encourages your traffic to convert at every available opportunity. We do not do this by pressuring your customer, but instead by reassuring them and reinforcing your brands identity as an industry-authority.

We utilise the knowledge that we have gained from years of experience in the design of online presences to create high-converting and SEO friendly eCommerce presences for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our experience has given us a deep understanding of the ways that many industries operate.

The Perfect eCommerce Website For Your Business

That is what we design, here at Store Express. We work to create entirely unique eCommerce websites which are perfect at expressing your brand's identity through every component.

For more information, or to discover other incredible ways that Store Express can help your business to make the most out of its online presence, contact us today!

“The new look website, ebay and amazon stores are all now live!!! the day has finally arrived. Thanks to Store Express for all the hard work”


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