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If you followed the journey to selling more online you will have read about purchasing an ecommerce solution however this is not the only decisions you have to make. Once you have decided which solution to purchase, you also have to choose which payment gateways to offer your customers.

Choosing PayPal Express Integration

PayPal Express is the latest innovation of PayPal technology, made for the use of online business’s it offers a range of benefits that are targeted at the ecommerce website owner. Its huge customer base is over 230 million users across the globe. Initially offered mainly on eBay it is now trending throughout ecommerce website designs and therefore is essential that you allow customers to pay through your ecommerce solution using their existing PayPal account.

Why do you need PayPal Express Integration?

The Paypal Express Checkout allows business owners to integrate a payment gateway and add the familiar PayPal button to their website. Not only giving them the potential to attract over 200 million existing PayPal users but will also increase confidence of new customers by showing the well known brand. Please see below for a full list of PayPal express integration benefits

  • Well known reputable payment method
  • Safer for both partys involved in the transaction
  • Faster
  • Secure
  • Reporting System

The express checkout is a easy 3 step form so there will be less abandoned carts and results in an increase in conversion rates so more revenue for you.

Reporting with Paypal Express

PayPal is not only popular with the online community, but it is also popular with many retailers because of the easy reporting systems they provide to keep track of every penny. When you open your PayPal express account you will have access to easily downloadable reports. As a business owner this will give you the ability to see account activity from when you opened your account to the present day; this means you can keep track of money coming in and out of your PayPal account. Within these reports you will be able to see monthly sales figures and transaction details. You are also able to have multi-user access, offering controlled access to employees or accountants. This makes your life a lot easier as you don’t have to spend hours downloading files and printing of tons of paperwork, but can rather allow everyone views of the same system.

Fraud Protection and PayPal Express

Security is a massive issue for consumers when it comes to paying for goods online. Approximately 85% of consumers will check that the website they are buying from is secure before a purchase. PayPal has built up its reputation for payment security over many years and has features in place to prevent fraud and hacking. Our Store Express Solution will also be designed to show consumers that the site is 100% secure.

Firstly, their use of automatic fraud screening is a big part of the PayPal express protection service, every transaction will go through this vigorous screening to check card verification, address verification and 128-bit encryption. There are not many fraudsters which will get past this relentless screening.

Secondly PayPal is compliant to PCI DSS (payment card industry, data security standards), an industry set up by 5 of the major card schemes to prevent online fraud and hacking. They also comply with CISP (card information security program) standards; these standards are there to protect you from fraud and loss of data. Luckily PayPal Express ensures compliancy with all standards so we don’t have to! PayPal Express Integration saving you money!

With no monthly fees and no set up fees, PayPal is already much cheaper than other payment gateway options. A survey by Northstar research partners concluded an average increase in sales of 26%, due to the confidence and safety of the PayPal brand. By having a PayPal Express Integration as part of your Store Express ecommerce solution you will also receive better rates on transactions. PayPal call these micropayments, giving you special rates for low value transactions and letting you make the most out of your sales. This is the perfect way to maximise revenue whether it’s on a multichannel ecommerce solution or simply a website.

I want PayPal Express Integration with my Ecommerce Solution... Our ecommerce Experts are always willing to answer any questions on PayPal express integration and how it might benefit your business and save you money!

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