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Responsive Ecommerce

Offering your traffic the easiest and most enjoyable experience is one of the very best ways to encourage their conversion and, hopefully, turn them into a loyal customer for your business and brand identity. The most effective way to offer this high-quality experience is to ensure that your online presence is optimised for multi-channel online retail.

Whereas, only a few years ago, a business online presence was a bonus and ensuring that your site was optimised for other devices than the traditional desktop computer was completely optional. The limitations of technology made it that much easier to offer an easily-accessible site, due to the lack of variation.

These days, there are dozens of different devices and designs which customers can use to engage with your online presence, either at home or on the move. From tablets, eReaders, mobile phones, mp3 players, laptops and traditional desktops, each means of interaction can boast a different screen size and different capabilities. Creating and maintaining different websites for each of these media devices can be extremely difficult, not to mention pricey and time-consuming.

At Store Express, we are proud to say that we are one of the UKs most reliable responsive eCommerce agencies, and we have the experience to help your business make the most of its online platforms.

What Is A Responsive eCommerce Website?

A web design which takes advantage of the latest in responsive techniques is optimised for every single media device that might be used to access it. Responsive websites offer your business a consistent and intuitive environment for your customers to interact with your site, wherever they are and whatever device they choose to use. They are the very best way for business to create a seamless, all-inclusive solution for their customers.

The defining components of a reactively designed retail site are the solutions ability to change its layout, and even its content, based upon the size of the screen being used to access it. This fluid movement across the digital canvas is essential to create an intuitive and enjoyable experience for your customer base.

The three key design elements, which aid in the responsive nature of these high-quality and innovative website, are;

Fluid Grids These are percentage based columns, which in the movement of the websites design across the digital canvas. These are typically responsible for the movement of specific sections of the website into a specific alteration. They can move content depending on the size of the screen itself.

Flexible Media This is media, including videos and pictures, which are designed to scale to fit the space in which they are placed or designed for either up, or down, or in some cases left to right.

Media Queries These are the queries which tell the browser, and the webpage itself, at what point they are meant to modify and adapt certain page elements.

When all three of these responsive components are utilised at the same time, the resultant website is completely designed to respond, according to your customers needs.

How Can Responsive Online Commerce Benefit My Business?

There are dozens of ways that a reactive website design can help your business to make the most of its online presence. Some of these advantages are technical, whilst some are aesthetic and can help with driving a higher rate of conversions.

A Smoother Mobile Experience By offering a much more intuitive and user-friendly experience for users on their tablet or smart phones, your business will be able to enjoy the advantages of a site designed specifically for them. This can include a simpler means of navigation and a much quicker checkout system. By offering your customers the tools to easily interact with your business, you are making the likelihood of their conversion that much greater.

Stronger User Experience Offering a much more enjoyable UX will not only make their conversion more likely, but will also increase your customers sense of awareness with regards to your brand. Ensuring that your web design fully reflects your brand identity is essential to inspiring confidence and making your brand stick in the mind of your sites users.

Inspire Confidence Responsively designed websites are an easy way to inspire heightened degrees of confidence in your users, and encourage the likelihood of their conversion. It can also help to establish your brand as a reputable and knowledgeable source on your chosen subject matter.

SEO Benefits By only having a single URL, responsive websites are that much easier to crawl and index for search engines, such as Google and Bing. Also, many of the latest Google algorithms have been designed to penalise those sites which did not offer a mobile alternative, or were unresponsively designed as a result, your business can no longer afford not to make the most of these incredible benefits.

Choose Store Express, For High-Quality And Reliable Responsive Designs

As one of the UKs very best responsive eCommerce agencies, here at Store Express we have the experience and the passion to create high-performing, high-converting and incredible websites which completely convey your brand identity.

We take the time to understand your business and your audience that is what really sets us apart from other digital developments companies. We understand that every business is different, has different needs and expectations, just as we know that your brand identity is unique and needs to be fully expressed in every piece of content that your business provides.

For more information, or to discover just how effective our responsive retail designs can be in helping your business to grow thorough its online presence, contact Store Express today. Our friendly and knowledgeable support team are here to help you, and to guide you through the necessary steps to making your business eCommerce presence the best it can be.

“Store Express built a professionally designed eBay store for Rocket Inks quickly and easily which will help build our brand awareness. Having a professional eBay store instills our customers with confidence that we are a safe company to buy from and this, in turn, generates increased sales and loyalty. Store Express can help create your brand or work with your existing brand elements to develop a unique and well designed store which is vital to your company's success.”

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