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Mobile brochure websites are a fantastic way to make the most of mobile device visitors, and to convert more of those visitors into leads or direct sales. By giving the user a website which is quick and easy to navigate using only their fingers, users will continue to engage and look around the site, rather than bouncing due to poor usability on a smaller device.

Why do I need a Mobile Optimised Website Design?

Simply shrinking down a website to display on a mobile device is usually not the best solution in terms of usability, as buttons and links which only needed to be small for users navigating with a mouse will be nearly impossible to use for those navigating on a mobile device with their fingers, especially once the button size has been scaled down to display on a smaller resolution mobile screen. Therefore it is imperative to create a different style of website for mobile users which utilises big finger-friendly buttons and controls, to allow mobile users to quickly and easilty navigate your website.

Mobile devices, and the browsers used on them, also differ from conventional deskop PC/MACs. Any truly mobile optimised website should account for differences between Android and iPhones, and between iPads and Tablets as well.

Many mobile users are concerned primarily with speed - and loading a full website on a mobile device is time consuming - causing many potential visitors to navigate away before your website has even finished loading! Having a specific mobile optimised website therefore allows you to increase the load speed of your website on any mobile device, and thus increase the number of visitors who actually make it on to look around your website.

Benefits of a Mobile Website Design

  • Increase the conversion rate for mobile device users who search for your website
  • Increase load speeds on mobile devices to decrease bounce rate of visitors getting bored waiting
  • Mobile browsers and devices offer different compatibility considerations, and a mobile optimised website will ensure that your website loads correctly on mobile devices
  • Mobile visitors have different objectives to desktop visitors - and with a mobile optimised website you can focus on meeting those different needs

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