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Here at Store Express, we are proud to say that our services have been essential to modernise and fully realise a business online potential, through high-quality website redesign. If your company already has an online presence, but you feel that it is lacking the intuitive design that modern websites offer, then our services are perfect for you.

Redesigning your online presence means more than just giving your public face a new look. Instead, it is essential to offer your customers an intuitive, easily navigable and comprehensive solution that completely meets their needs.

As one of the UKs very best website redesign agencies, here at Store Express we have extensive experience in modernising and simplifying websites to take advantage of the latest advances in modern technology and remain true to their brands identity.

Why Might You Decide To Redesign Your Website?

There are dozens of reasons why you might decide to refresh your online presence, and if even one of these is true then you need to seriously consider offering a fresh face to your digital retail or marketing solution.

Your Brand Identity Has Evolved As so often happens with growing, dynamic businesses, you brand identity might have changed. If your website was designed to match your business personality, and that personality has adjusted at all, then a website redesign is overdue.

Maintaining your brands complete cohesion, through every piece of content that you produce, is essential if you want to build trust with your potential customers building trust is an essential part of convincing your customers to engage with your business, particularly through the online marketplace.

Adjusted Products Or Services Much like your brand identity, the range of products and services that you offer can change over the years. If your website is still offering redundant products, discussing services that you no longer offer, or have adapted since the time of writing, then that could be damaging to your online credibility.

If your site is designed with a focus on products which may have fallen out of popularity, then it is definitely time to rejuvenate your digital solution!

Awards, Accolades And Testimonials! If youve won any awards or you boast a fantastic collection of customer testimonials, why shouldnt you include them in your site design? Encouraging your sites reputation for credibility is essential to drive conversions and increase your business overall profitability.

Modernise Your Website

Modernised Content Sometimes, it is just good to modernise your site! Updating all the content on your site can have long-lasting and fantastic effects for both customer engagement and search engine optimisation. When you redesign your website, you need to ensure that you create entirely unique and persuasive copy to accompany it.

You need, too, to ensure that your content has been optimised for the latest and most profitable keywords, which could result in much greater attention for your online presence.

Optimising your layout, too, for mobile devices can be essential for your sites success. Now that Google has released the Mobilegeddon update to it search engine algorithms, those sites which are not optimised for users on the move are likely to be heavily penalised, and lose their search engine credibility.

Store Express The UKs Leading Website Redesign Agency

Here at Store Express, we are extremely proud of our reputation as the UKs most reliable website redesign agency. We are unique amongst digital design agencies, simply because we listen to our clients.

We take the time to understand your existing website, your brand identity and what you hope to achieve with your site redesign, and our experienced team get to work with your perfect online solution.

To discuss your websites redesign, or just to learn what is possible with the best website design services in the UK, contact Store Express today.

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