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Want to start an online retail business but lack the space? Or do you already sell online but want to outsource your order fulfillment and warehouse services? In that case Fulfillment By Amazon integration is for you.

How Fulfillment By Amazon Integration Works...

  • You send your stock to Amazon to store in their warehouse using our easy Inventory interface within your Store Express EMS, print labels, inventory documents and paperwork for your shipment, and send details direct to Amazon from the click of a button
  • When you receive orders from any of your online marketplaces into your Store Express EMS, simply click "Dispatch" to send the order to Amazon to be picked, packed, and dispatched from their warehouse direct to your customers
  • The Store Express EMS will then keep your customers updated on the status of their order through email notifications and from the customer's My Account section when logged in to your website

The Benefits of Fulfillment By Amazon Integration

  • Allow yourself to focus on the promotion of your online business to increase sales, rather than on the day-to-day fulfillment of orders
  • FBA customers are able to offer additional shipping options on Amazon.co.uk listings
  • Manage all orders from multiple sales channels (e.g. eBay, Amazon, Play.com, Google Shopping, your own ecommerce website) centrally through your Store Express EMS
  • Send orders straight to Amazon for dispatch direct from your Store Express EMS - so you don't have to log in to multiple interfaces to manage your online business

To find out more about integrating your ecommerce solution with Fulfillment By Amazon Integration call Store Express today or email us on sales@storeexpress.co.uk

“I and my colleague Jillie Coleman from Inspired at Once found the team at Store Express to be very helpful, knowledgeable and informative when assisted in the building of our e-commerce site. As much as we were and still are novices we were very confident with any suggestions made by the Store Express team. The Store Express team were and are still very courteous and polite and has no problem explaining technical ‘jargon’ in layman’s terms which we appreciated. They come over as very professional and capable of handling any situation and improving and adapting to client’s needs and aspirations, when encountering any issues.”

Ajay Chohan

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