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Ecommerce innovators, like all innovators, seek to improve current standards by going into uncharted territory. While they may not be as grand-sounding as the earliest cosmonauts or first mountaineers, they aim ever higher in the search for the ultimate streamlined and efficient online service. This may seem trivial, but the difference to the way in which we browse for and buy a product or service today is astonishing when compared to how we carried out our transactions only a decade ago.

Online shopping has rapidly advanced since the first ever online sale in 1971, and it’s now easier (and faster!) than ever to locate, buy and receive an item through the post. However, online innovators like ourselves believe that there’s always room for improvement, but how exactly will how ecommerce specialists trump competitors in 2016?

How Will Ecommerce Websites Improve In 2016?

As a web design company that prides itself on its exceptional design and development capabilities, we continuingly strive to offer our clients the best ecommerce platforms to enable their business to reach new heights. Far from your standard ecommerce company, we influence, rather than copy, our competitors, enabling UK businesses from varying industries to expand their reach and achieve far more than they ever imagined.

We don’t just encourage original thought here at Store Express, we intentionally set the bar high and expect the highest quality ecommerce solutions, so that your business can stay ahead of the competition, too. Here are our tips for a successful website in 2016!

  1. Make it visually engaging – A clean, responsive and intuitive website design that isn’t overly flashy but instead concentrates on the needs of every customer is essential come the New Year. Online shoppers are no longer impressed by slow-loading, busy web pages that unfortunately do anything but encourage them to buy.

  2. A professional, lightweight interface with engaging content, including HD images and clear navigational menus that work smoothly on any screen size, are all central to a high converting website. A responsive web design is especially important, as the number of internet users carrying out transactions on their mobile or tablet device is rising rapidly year on year.

  3. Efficient shopping cart – Put simply, the easier it is for a visitor to add a desired product to their shopping cart and check out, the more sales are likely to ensue.

  4. Advantageous delivery & shipping – You don’t have to offer free UK delivery to entice customers to your online store, but with customers’ expectations growing evermore demanding, it’s worthwhile perfecting your delivery operations. 

Call Store Express Today & Secure Your Online Success

We provide a range of innovative ecommerce solutions to help your business succeed online, from five-star web design to increase your conversion rate, to eBay and Amazon integration to enhance your brand visibility across the web. If you would like further information about our award-winning services, don’t hesitate to contact our ecommerce specialists on 0845 050 3500. Alternatively, email us at

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