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The world wide web take-over

With news that Royal Mail are proposing a hike on stamp duty, and the constant threat of strikes, it is clear that the juggernaut that is the digital world continues to consume all equivalent physical business.

Websites are booming

The so-called "death of the high-street" means that retailers are beginning to allocate more or their budget to ecommerce solutions instead of potential solutions in their high-street stores. The idea being that people are increasingly likely to buy online from home, or even on the move, so more and more funds are being poured into ecommerce websites in order to encourage online conversions.

While I'm all for exciting technological advances, it seems a shame that such institutions as Royal Mail are struggling so much, and that you're less and less likely these days to receive a piece of physical, tangible communication.

It's time to move to the web!

But we must move with the times and if you fancy yourself as a successful retailer these days you're going to need a professionally designed ecommerce solution.

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