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In a world where the amount of information, services and opportunities are increasing exponentially, it is as important as ever to make an immediate positive impact with your online audience.

Design is in everything

So you've had an idea for an online shop. You've sorted all you're stock and storage and you're ready to sell. Time to get yourself a website. More precisely an ecommerce website. Best to get one together that works properly first and worry about what it looks like later though, right? Wrong. In the world of ecommerce website design the two go hand in hand. If your ecommerce solution doesn't look good it won't work properly. That is people will lose trust in your business and leave before they have a chance to buy anything. If it doesn't work properly but looks fantastic then people will just get frustrated and leave. The idea that web design just means making a website look pretty is a common misconception. It is about understanding who is using your website and designing the look, functionality and experience for them. It's about the user journey. An ecommerce website is an experience and it is the job of the designer to make it as satisfying and enjoyable as possible. At the same time it is the designer's job to implement user experience research and techniques to make make it as easy and as agreeable as possible for the user to make a purchase.

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