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According to a study carried out by Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the Internet contributes to 8.3% of the UK’s economy. This 8.3% is a larger share than that of any of the other G20 countries. In 2010 this figure equated to £121 billion, working out to be around £2000 per person. This huge sum of money made it a larger contributor to the economy than education, healthcare of the construction sectors. In fact, the UK spends more on online retail and ecommerce websites than any other major economy. In 2010, 13.5% of purchases were made online via ecommerce solutions and is predicted to rise to 23% by 2016.


Should I invest in an ecommerce website?

If you plan to sell your products and services to one of the fastest growing markets then the simple answer is yes. It’s expected that the expansion of online sales will increase by 11% per year for the next 4 years. That’s a total value of £221 billion by 2016. With such a large amount of money changing hands via online transactions can you afford not to get an ecommerce website?


Small and large businesses benefit from ecommerce websites

Even if you’re only a small enterprise the benefits of getting an ecommerce website vastly out-weigh the negatives. For example, if you are a small-medium business who supplies to the US and China it has been shown that profits from this sector have grown by 12% each year for the last 3 years. It seems the Brits love their internet so much they are willing to give up many things to keep their broadband connection. 65% said they would give up alcohol and 76% said they would give up chocolate - this just shows how much we love our internet.


Where can I get an ecommerce website?

Store Express offers flexible, high quality ecommerce solutions to suit any needs. We cater for a variety of customers and have extensive knowledge in this field. Look through our vast portfolio to see examples of our previous work. Like anything you see? Be sure to let us know when you decide to join us in the online revolution.


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