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Of all the countries in the world, UK consumers spend the most time using mobile internet. The increased sales of smartphones, as a result of new models being produced every few months, has certainly helped encourage this phenomenon. Furthermore apps providing easy access to popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and catch-up TV have significantly contributed to this trend.

UK Consumers Spending £1000+ On Ecommerce Websites

Independent regulator, Ofcom, found that 58% of the UK population owned a smartphone in 2012 while a further 19% owned a tablet device. Britain is truly embracing the digital age with individuals spending an average time of 728 minutes a week online. In those minutes hundreds of pounds are being spent thanks to highly optimised ecommerce websites that allow us to indulge our shopping habits and increasing desire for convenience.

The average UK consumer is spending £1083 per year and this figure is only set to rise over the next few years, as more online retailers are beginning to see the importance of optimising their ecommerce website for mobile devices.

Mobile Optimisation Leads To Ecommerce Website Success

With the nation embracing online shopping and quick access to the internet, mobile is an industry game changer that is here to stay. Owning a mobile phone is almost synonymous with connecting to the internet, not just calling and texting people. It is a highly lucrative aspect of ecommerce that businesses need to not only monitor but remain in sync with. As technologies within this field adapt and develop, retail websites need to do the same in order to facilitate an efficient online shopping experience for consumers.
Outside of the UK, other regions around the world that are spending large amounts on online shopping include Australia and Sweden. When operating businesses online there is no real limit to where your company can expand to. Therefore it is crucial that alongside being optimised for mobile, your ecommerce website must be adapted for international visitors.

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