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With the world constantly changing meaning innovative ideas can be thought of as outdated as soon as they are thought of as genius, one of the most valuable things in business is predicting trends that are going to happen, to stay a step ahead of your competitors. This is especially important in an online industry and an integral skill need to survive in an online business and something that must be applied to Ecommerce websites.

Ecommerce Website Predictions For 2015

We at Store Express are dedicated to providing our expertise in Ecommerce solutions to provide you with premium quality software and services to make your website as optimal as possible and maximize your business results to the best they can be. Here are some of the key trends the experts and analysts have predicted for 2015:


  • Social Media Shopping – This is a vital avenue to explore as a business due to the sheer volume of people who use these platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc as with Billions of people using them worldwide if it does take away there are going to be lots and lots of people using this shopping method. You could already make donations to charities through Facebook but a similar ability has been found by experts hidden their app and when activated it allows you to send money using your debit card information.People share an incredible amount of personal information on Facebook that if they start spending money on it too if you get the marketing right you could be looking a new, very large cash revenue. People spend so much time on there that it is very likely indeed a lot of money will be spent on Facebook so deciding not to make social media marketing a priority this year could prove fatal for Ecommerce websites.
  • A trend that is expected to grow constantly in the coming year is retargeting of consumers. This means that consumers who visit your Ecommerce websites and don’t end up making a purchase and also those who do see a large volume of your business’ advertisements when browsing on the internet.This technique allows you to stay at the top of the mind of users and can be a very powerful and almost subliminal tactic that could prove to be very successful for your Ecommerce business. You are spending money to get people to buy from your store who are already interested in your services or products so the investments come with quite a high chance of being a catalyst for maximizing your profits and conversion rates.
  • Niche social networks – These are a great route to exploit for ecommerce websites as there are many now around that have subject areas that are very niche such as food, fitness etc and they play host to large cohorts of individuals with a common interest. If your business is to do with the industry a niche social network site is centered on you are provided with a large demographic to market to all in one place. This also takes away quite a lot of the costs of finding demographics to market to and having to spread resources to varying places, sometimes with little there to market too.
  • SEO reigns – Google won the war against the artificial manipulation of their results in 2014 and now SEO is set to boom even more than it already has done so. Organic visitors are far more likely to purchase something than any other type of visitor and those who invested in legitimate SEO will reap the huge rewards. In 2015 it is anticipated that the biggest opportunities will go to those with the most SEO knowledge and creativity not those with endless pockets.We at Store express are experts in optimising your Ecommerce websites and can channel your resources into making your site incredibly successful at adapting SEO into your business model. Good SEO only helps your business by making it far more visible and gaining large increases of traffic to your website which will lead to more conversions and significant increase in profit.


Ecommerce Websites From Store Express

So to maximise your business results and to put your Ecommerce websites in the most optimal position for 2015 to be a huge success for you please contact Store Express today and get the results you’ve dreamed of. Please call us on 0845 050 3500 or email us at


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