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Ensuring that your eCommerce website is as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly as it possibly can be is a massively important step in securing the future of your business!

An overwhelming percentage of consumers discover products through online research; making your business’ online presence and your products easy to find almost always results in an overwhelming increase in traffic and, subsequently, conversion rate!

The Wonderful World Of SEO!

Ensuring that your business adopts and effective SEO strategy, and that all the content – which, as Bill Gates famously described, ‘is king’ – ranks highly in search engine results pages (SERPs) can mean the difference between glorious success and ignoble failure for your eCommerce website and, consequently, your business.

SEO revolves, essentially around the creation of high-quality content, which is relevant and informative to the user whilst simultaneously utilising keywords as a marker for that relevance. The repetition of keywords at several points throughout the content is noted by search engine ‘crawlers’ which then mark the site as relevant to specific queries.

SEO relies on natural search results, unlike PPC (Pay Per Click), which encourages paid results. Both strategies are amazing ways of attracting new and high-converting traffic to your eCommerce website, though when used in unison they form an unstoppable team which can massively increase a website’s popularity and position on the SERPs.

Why Is SEO Important For eCommerce Websites?

Simply put, SEO works to make more and more people find your eCommerce website as a result of their own effort, rather than you having to waste money on traditional advertising services, which many people now distrust or react negatively towards.

As the marketplace has become more technologically and commercially savvy, you cannot try and enforce a lifestyle image with the propensity which previous advertisers and businesses have enjoyed; instead you need to subtly allow potential customers to realise that your product or service is something that they need or want for themselves or their business.

Provide information which is easily accessible, informative and relevant to a user’s needs, and your customers will convince themselves, without the need for a constant barrage of advertising from your business.

SEO is not a quick fix solution to apply to a struggling eCommerce website; it takes time to reach its full effectiveness and it is likely that it will be some time before your business appears on Google’s front page, but SEO enables a company to increase in the rankings until they reach that all-important first SERP spot, the position which is visited by an overwhelmingly huge percentage of searchers, whilst there is a massive difference in traffic even up to the second position.

Professional SEO Services For eCommerce Websites

To make the most of specialised SEO services, call Store Express today! With years’ of experience in providing innovative and cost-effective SEO solutions for eCommerce websites which consistently rank highly on SERPs, our incredible SEO team are in the perfect position to help your business make the most out of its online presence.

For more information regarding the ways in which an amazing SEO solution from Store Express can help your eCommerce website, and your business as a whole, contact Store Express on 0845 050 3500, visit our informative and (of course!) SEO-friendly website or email our knowledgeable support team at

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