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In 1991, the Internet was opened up to the general public and, subsequently, commercial use. Since then, with steady increases in technology accompanying the consistent improvement of eCommerce websites, more and more customers are taking advantage of the Internet as a means of retail opportunity, not to mention therapy.

The History Of eCommerce

The Internet is such a key component to modern life that most people find it hard to imagine a single day without its use and, as an increasing number of businesses take advantage of it, it is clear that eCommerce is a permanent, if rapidly changing environment which require the very best in professional eCommerce website design and development.

From online billboards and advertising spaces to fully functional, contextual and personalised shopping experiences, eCommerce websites have evolved since the early days. Of course, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing; the dot com crash of 2000 ruined many online retailers and set back the development of eCommerce websites by several years along with, temporarily, damaging the attitudes and reputation of Internet retail as a whole.

In 1994 Netscape appeared on the online scene, bringing with it the innovative point-and-click web browser which has enabled the first tastes of the billion-dollar websites which we use in our everyday lives.

Two of the first online retailers were, of course, the now world-famous Amazon and eBay.

The evolution of Amazon itself can often be thought of the basic evolution of eCommerce websites as an entirety. Amazon was the first eCommerce store to offer one-click ordering, of the kind which most customers now expect as part of eCommerce solutions.

Amazon have had incredible scepticism and criticism lain at their feet in the past, but they have always pulled through and gone on to create one of, if not the, most profitable eCommerce website in the modern world.

Amazon began as a book company, and went on to set the standard for a customer-oriented eCommerce website by allowing their site’s users to search for books using keywords, author name and book subject. By allowing users to browse via category, and even to offer personalised recommendations for other books, Amazon became the easiest way for a customer to get hold of a specific book.

Nowadays, of course, Amazon has grown into one of the biggest businesses in the world, selling millions of products annually for a profit of billions.

Professional eCommerce Websites

Of course, creating a personalised eCommerce website for your business is easier than it was back in the early days; thanks to incredible eCommerce solution services such as those offered by Store Express, customers now expect a lot more as part of their eCommerce experiences.

The online retail market is full of businesses vying for the attention of potential customers and an innovative, intuitive and engaging eCommerce website is more important than ever in attracting traffic to your business and encouraging them to convert into paying customers.

To find out how a professional eCommerce website can help your business today, contact Store Express on 0845 050 3500, email us at or visit our website (don’t forget to check out our amazing portfolio whilst you’re there!).


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