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Store Express now offers payment gateways UAE solutions as part of its eCommerce store packages.

Payment gateways available to the UAE have been limited in choice in the past. Without suitable payment gateways UAE solutions available to them previously, it has been difficult for UAE online merchants to produce high quality online stores. Store Express recognise there is a problem with the choice in UAE payment gateways available to these merchants which is why we now offer payment gateways UAE solutions as part of our online stores.

Our payment gateways UAE solutions include the use of eWallets, allowing you to accept payment by credit or debit card easily and with little hassle. Only a small amount is charged per transaction ($0.30+20%)  and any funds you may wish to withdraw can be done so with only a small charge of 1.50 euros (approx $2), regardless of the amount you wish to take out.

In addition to all this, Store Express also offers the advantages of not having to leave a deposit with any local banks and a merchant ID is not required.  Setup is not needed either! UAE payment gateways instil trust within your customers, allowing you to have the name of a reliable payment gateways provider behind your brand. Our payment gateways UAE solutions mean that in addition to the standard Store Express package you can also achieve an easily manageable solution to your online selling needs.

For more information about how our payment gateways UAE solutions can improve your business, contact or alternatively call us on 0845 050 3500.

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