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UK Ecommerce opportunities...

According to research carried out by Epson Business Council (internet retailing), only 59% of small UK businesses (fewer than 10 employees) see ecommerce as a business opportunity, this is a huge difference to 72% of European businesses of the same size. In Italy 94% of small businesses now sell their products online through an e-commerce website or another ecommerce platform such as eBay or Amazon since the downfall of the economy. When you look at eBay’s millionaires club which is growing day by day, why wouldn’t a small business turn to ecommerce?

Small businesses thrive for eBay Millionaires club...

It is near on impossible for small businesses to survive on the high street now days. Just like many people dream of winning the lottery, many business owners will dream of being in the eBay’s millionaires club, though the odds of getting there are a lot better than winning the lottery!

The number of businesses in eBay’s club is expected to double again this year up to around 130; many of these businesses creating multichannel ecommerce platforms ranging from eBay, Amazon and their own ecommerce website. Store Express not only gives small businesses the tools they need to open an online store, but can also provide easy and effective integrated solutions, creating strong foundations for potential multi million pound businesses.

How profitable is an e-commerce solution?

A report last year showed that UK small businesses brought in £36bn from online trading. On average small businesses internet income accounts for 2.4% of their turnover. In the research it was found that 51% of businesses will make profit uses ecommerce on the World Wide Web; however 38% will not invest money into the tools to help them sell online.

So, how profitable is e-commerce for a small business? I believe if you think logically, 51% of businesses are making money, this percentage of businesses are most likely to be investing in not only professionally designed websites and creative eBay store designs, but a fully functional and easy to use ecommerce solutions. Store Express can provide these things, an ecommerce store, eBay store design and multichannel ecommerce.

Store Express Ecommerce opportunities...

The last few months, after the official end to the recession, have shown many businesses owners that there is still a long way to beat the crunch! With thousands of high street shops still extremely vulnerable, small businesses are rapidly looking for a more effective business opportunity.

Store Express can not only help start a successful online business and create a thriving ecommerce environment, but can also help save a dying high street store. Using Store Express for your e-commerce solutions can give you extremely strong foundations to start a successful e commerce store, eBay shop or even a multi channel ecommerce solution. The facts above prove that e-commerce is the future of retailing and for businesses to stay afloat they need to start to look at the high street to online transition.

To find out how our ecommerce experts can help you start a successful online business or save your existing high street store call now on 0845 373 0595.

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