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According to the BBC, small and medium ecommerce websites are likely to catch up with larger businesses in terms of the technology advantage. Traditionally it has always been large companies that can afford to budget a lot more on new technology that helps to boost productivity and profit. This is soon to change as technology becomes more affordable with lower priced computing power, larger bandwidth connections and more storage than ever before thanks to The Cloud and other mediums. With services offered by Store Express it’s now even easier to get your ecommerce website up and running. Another major factor that is more accessible to smaller and medium ecommerce solutions is advertisement. Originally if you wanted to advertise or raise public awareness of your product or service this was best done with expensive television commercials, radio or print. Now all advertisements for your ecommerce website can be done online using social media websites, media sites and blogging sites. Each of those listed is generally free and easy to use by anyone! Good news for any small or medium ecommerce website.


Small ecommerce and you

Starting a new business is always risky but in this day and age there is so much data available to everyone. So much of that data is relevant to your ecommerce solution, customers and your business model that less research is required. The skill is deciphering which pieces of data are most crucial to your ecommerce website’s success. It must also be noted that many modern large companies are still very paper based. As a new smaller company you have the unique chance to be totally digital speeding up work time and efficiency of you ecommerce website. Full automation and digital processing are two key benefits to any smaller ecommerce company as it allows data to be processed faster and from anywhere at any time.


Where to begin with ecommerce?

Luckily for you Store Express is the perfect place to find a new ecommerce website that is just right for you. We have years of experience and knowledgeable specialists who are happy to help. For examples of all of our current ecommerce websites we have designed check out our portfolio. At Store Express we can cater for your business’ needs and are always available to discuss any ideas or needs you may have.


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