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There are many different strategies for ecommerce websites to build their online credibility. Pinterest is a large social networking site with over 50 million users. It has been growing ever since its creation in November 2009, and has just introduced a new feature that has upped its credibility among users.

Pinterest essentially is a customised online pin board where users can “pin” images that they have found online to their own personal board. People can share pictures from events, DIY projects or the items they have found in online stores. What did it take for this social network to become as popular as Facebook?

Credible Ecommerce Websites Succeed Easily

With 46 million unique visitors in July , Pinterest continues to grow. The recent introduction of a “rich pin” allows users to add more information about the products that are posted on their boards. This lets the site visitors create virtual wish lists with their favourite items from ecommerce websites.

But the social networking giant has decided to take things one step further; they have introduced email notifications that are sent to users when the price of a pinned product goes down. A move aimed at consumers as well as other businesses, this feature is ideal for people and businesses that use Pinterest every day.

As a platform to track price changes, Pinterest has become very attractive to other ecommerce websites that are looking for ways to promote their products or services. The expansion is welcomed by niche and small businesses that look to the popular visual platform as a place to showcase their goods.

Get Online Trust With Reliable Ecommerce Website Designs

It is more difficult for smaller or niche businesses to gain trust from their online visitors. To help you overcome this, Store Express offers you reliable ecommerce web design solutions that will help you to build authority and trust among your target audience.

A commercial website is often judged by its cover, so your main goal is to create a memorable, consistent web design, which is highly functional and fulfils your sales goals. If you create an ecommerce website that exudes reliability, you will get more relevant traffic that converts and brings in greater profits.

Your Ecommerce Websites And Design Providers

Store Express provides expert ecommerce web services that include the creation of credible ecommerce websites, organic link building and other white hat search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques. Achieve your goals with a site design that looks great and fulfils other vital business objectives. 

Catch the attention of your target audience with Store Express ecommerce web solutions. Get more online visibility, build authority with your audience, gain their trust and drive them to the point of conversion. Moreover, ecommerce websites often overlook the fact that their design affects their performance for search engine optimisation.
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