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We are all use to the standard ecommerce solution featuring a static, background, content, headers and buttons and we have never really experienced that much amazement from simply scrolling up and down a web page. Well all that is about to change as parallax scrolling hits the web in a big way!

What is it?

A good question, to give a rather brief answer Parallax scrolling is a rather special scrolling technique used in the 2D world of computer games,ecommerce websites and much more (2D stuff). This effect is generated when multiple background images are movedat different rates, slower at the back and faster at the front this creates an illusion of depth in a 2D website.

But what can this do for my business?

Quite simply it makes you site more memorable, fun to use and stand out from the rest of the ecommerce solutions on the web and this is a real advantage. As parallax scrolling is a fairly ‘new toy’ to the web many website rating companies often pick up on this effect and can often feature many websites that show off this new effect. Aka free publicity for your ecommerce website


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