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Why your website needs to reflect trust?

Recent studies prove that about 98% of people don’t trust information on the internet.  Research also showed that about 63% of online shoppers don’t complete the purchase process because of issues with trust and security.  Trust plays a crucial part in converting visitors to customers.  Getting your customers to trust you requires you to constantly provide high quality services.  But even before this, building a relationship with a virtual person can be very difficult taking into consideration the many online scams and fly by night companies that exist today. 

Trust is a major factor you need to focus on if you want to achieve your business goals.  So how on earth can you do it?  Your ecommerce website is the voice of your business and plays a major role when it comes to driving traffic, increasing conversions, sales and revenue and thus your website should be designed to reflect trust.  If you’re wondering how to go about this head on to Store Express.

Get trustworthy website designs from Store Express:

Our web designing experts will craft out ecommerce websites with a Rapid 128 bit SSL encryption certificate.  This will allow you to use our encryption services to enable safer ecommerce.  This seal will tell your customers that your site is secure and will give them the confidence to shop with you just at a glance.  This encryption functionality will protect communication between browsers and servers by making it impossible for others to intercept and read information.  It will reassure your customers that their transactions and credit card information is secure when shared online.  Our experts will also insert various pages like contact us, about us, etc., pages on your ecommerce website, which will also instil trust in your customers.

To make your ecommerce website trustworthy contact Store Express at Building 4 Millars Brook Molly Millars Lane Wokingham Berkshire RG41 2AD Telephone: 0845 050 2500 Fax: 0845 838 2701 Email:

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