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Social media is a great way to generate traffic to your ecommerce website and increase sales. Offering businesses the opportunity to engage with current and prospective customers, it can help a business better understand their target market. There are several different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all of which can be used to improve the bottom line of an ecommerce business.


How Can You Use Social Media To Your Advantage?


There are 5 main ways social media can be used to increase business and sales on your ecommerce website. They are:

1. Visibility – Just as effective SEO is important to a search engine ranking your site; social media can let customers know what your business is all about. When you share relevant news and new products through a social platform such as Facebook, you can connect with friends, followers and businesses. Reaching a much wider audience, your business will be exposed to customers who may have never even seen your ecommerce website.

2. Target – One of the main benefits of social media as a marketing tool is that you can target specific demographics. For example, if you place an advert on Facebook, you can select very specific criteria, so that it is only visible to your target audience. In doing this, you are able to achieve a better return on your investment.

3. Customers – When you use social media on your ecommerce website, you can dramatically increase your customer base. As posts are shared with friends of friends, and friends of those friends, one post can reach thousands of people with minimal promotion.

4. Content – Through using social platforms, you can promote special offers and promotions. With enhanced online content, you can let customers and the general public know more about your business, and connect with them on a more personal level. This can be great for brand loyalty and increasing your potential customer base. If you are always adding fresh content, customers will keep revisiting your site.

5. Involvement – As the name suggests, social media is a ‘social’ platform, enabling customers to interact and engage with your business directly. Facebook and Twitter can allow customers to comment on new products, or those that are out of stock. Through this, you will be able better fulfil customer requirements as you will know exactly what they want.


How To Make Social Media Work On Your Ecommerce Website


With a Store Express website, you can also have a branded Twitter and Facebook page created. Designed to tie in with your website’s logo and brand identity, it can help to create a consistent online presence. Helping to increase exposure of your ecommerce website, a social media webpage design can allow visitors to engage and identify with your business and vision.

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