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4 Solid Reasons Why A Unique Product Description Is Crucial For Your Ecommerce Page


  1. Search Engines Love Unique Content. Have you noticed that nearly all product descriptions are the same? That’s because 90 per cent of the time they are. If you want to gain more traffic and stand out from the crowd your product descriptions have to be unique. You will rank better in search engines and stand out from thousands of pages that offer the same products.

  2. Visitors Like Uniqueness. People are drawn in by unique content and will spend more time on your website reading and analysing it. This said, avoid duplicating content as it will create a higher bounce rate and decrease your ranking in search engines.

  3. Higher Profits. Unique content can help to boost your profit. When confronted with duplicate products, consumers will always choose the one with a lower price tag. A unique product description will give your products more value that people are ready to pay for.

  4. Building Your Brand. Every brand needs to have a voice and the uniqueness of the brand voice needs to be expressed every step of the way. Create great content and your ecommerce website will prosper and you will build a bond with loyal customers.

How To Create Unique Product Descriptions And What To Avoid


Ecommerce websites need to pay greater attention to creating unique product descriptions. A unique product description will have a significant boost on search engine rankings and will result in greater customer satisfaction.

  • Too many eCommerce websites use descriptions provided by manufacturers. The goal should be to create product descriptions  with your customers in mind. Paint a picture to them, help them to imagine the product in their house, make them imagine using it. Mention benefits and other particular features.

  • Detailed and creative product descriptions with relevant keywords will attract more traffic. People today type phrases/questions and not only single words, so make sure your product descriptions answer their questions.

  • While your description should be detailed try not to overdo it. Include only relevant information and don’t beat around the bush just to expand the volume of your text.

  • Make your e-commerce website user friendly. Once your unique content attracts visitors, make it easy for them to find what they need. Include links to other similar products on the page. Provide customer reviews and be trustworthy.

How To Optimise For Search Engines


The best way to begin optimising your website is to start small. Chose from your top 50 best selling products and optimise content for each and every one of them. Create titles and include descriptive information. Also remember that people like visual content and want to see the product from every angle, so include photos and/or videos. This will improve the customer experience and image optimisation will attract more traffic.

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