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The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has recently been published findings that slightly over £1 of every £10 spent in the UK retail section in February 2012 was spent online. Statistics published by ONS shows that 10.7% of all sales in the retail sector where made via online ecommerce websites. This equates to £1.07 for every £10 spent. It was calculated that the weekly online spending average for ecommerce came to a total of £573.6 million.


Will ecommerce reign supreme?

With shocking proof of the high streets decline in success all over the news many companies are venturing into the world of ecommerce solutions. This week in fact the UK retailer Game went into administration due to it not taking actions in preparation for the ecommerce boom. You maybe thinking that your fine where you are, and you maybe right, but with such persuading figures just think of all of the extra profit and custom you can achieve with a simple online ecommerce website. From the same ONS report it was shown that total UK retail sales have risen by 3.2% compared to last year. This increase in sales can easily be achieved for you with an ecommerce solution from Store Express.


Increased access to ecommerce websites

With the increase in use of smartphones and tablet computers there are now so many different ways to access the internet and online ecommerce solutions that some people are shopping almost 24/7. This huge market is so easily accessible with just a simple online presences through an ecommerce website. The main benefits of having an online store is that it never closes, people can buy from you whenever they want.


Potential for ecommerce solutions

With such a huge amount of money being taken online, can you afford to miss out? Making the decision to get an ecommerce website from Store Express needn’t be difficult. Here at Store Express we have experts who can help you and cater our ecommerce solutions to your every need. We offer a wide range of services and products to ensure you get the most from your online store. Our service we provide is quick, efficient and easy to understand and as already said we are here to assist you in anyway you need.


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