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Why Use Ecommerce?

As an increasingly online society the means by which we communicate is constantly shifting and evolving. If you are an online retailer your first priority through your ecommerce solution is usually to make sales.  But you should also assign fairly high priority to acquiring return custom.This is more difficult in-store, but if you have an ecommerce websiteyour customers needn't be anywhere near your store for you to communicate with them, allowing you to have some control over when you cross their mind. If run successfully you should be able to maintain a good level of return custom to yourecommerce website.

How is email marketing done?

When you make a sale through your ecommerce website it's a good idea to email them later on, perhaps thanking them for their purchase and displaying your latest products. A good technique is to advertise some sort of short online deal to try and get their return custom as soon as possible. For example "10% off all items ordered by 1 o'clock".

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