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This festive season sees our favourite high street shops covered in bright decorations and playing classic Christmas music through the sound system. Even the streets are lined with bright lights and spectacles which enhances our Christmas shopping experience. Now for many people who choose to do their shopping online, the thrilling delights of Christmas themed shopping shouldn’t be withheld just because it’s over the internet. In fact, many online shoppers are more likely to complete sales on ecommerce websites that display great festive features and promotions.  

Sell More On Your Ecommerce Website This Christmas

A list was recently compiled detailing top tips that ecommerce website owners should consider implementing if they want to sell more online this Christmas. People are always more willing to spend more this time of year so make sure you’re ecommerce website and content is optimised to take advantage of this.

• Temporarly include keywords such as “sale”, “Christmas”, “holiday” etc; in your meta titles and descriptions for the pages you want targeted.
• Create content that is Christmas themed and focuses on some of your products
• Feature special promotions or coupons
• Have special flash sales
• Have a gift guide with top presents and gift bundles
• Have a gift wrapping call to action
• Include high quality images of people excitingly using your products during Christmas
• Offer free delivery
• Encourage people to ‘share’ and buy, by having social sharing buttons and shopping cart buttons highly visible


Optimise Your Ecommerce Website For the Holiday Season

There are a range of features and promotions you can include in your ecommerce website. However what will be most suitable for you may vary from others. If you need assistance or advice on how you can increase conversions on your ecommerce website this Christmas, come to Store Express.
We are ecommerce solutions experts who provide a range of custom made services to ensure your business achieves online success.

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