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Optimised landing pages are necessary for any ecommerce website; but what exactly is entailed in a landing page? Quite simply a landing page is a relevant page on your website that has been optimised to increase conversions. This usually consists of an appealing picture of the product, accompanied by some crucial well planned out text that has been optimised for SEO in order to make your landing page visible to the correct audience. This text is important not only for SEO purposes but also for the person entering on the page – relevant, authoritative information will be more likely to convert them into sales. The final most important piece of the ecommerce website landing page puzzle is some sort of call to action or contact form to engage with the customer and hopefully result in more conversions. Below is a more detailed explanation and break down of landing pages for ecommerce websites .


Problems with ecommerce website landing pages

You may be thinking that a landing page should be easy, just a nice picture here, bit of text there, some buttons and jobs done! Unfortunately, this is not the case. Most landing pages are designed to drive traffic onto your ecommerce solution, but isn’t all of that direction worthless if visitors aren’t making conversions? It seems the gold mine is to create a landing page that not only drives traffic to your site but also gets most of that traffic to convert. A recent statistic from Bryan Eisenberg, SES Advisory board member, said that most companies are spending around $92 for each visit to bring traffic to their ecommerce website. When these figures are broken down we realise a whopping 91 of those dollars is spent on driving traffic to ecommerce websites but only a tiny $1 is actually being spent on converting traffic.


Solving ecommerce website landing pages

The solution is simple, invest more time and money in ensuring that the visitors who end up on your landing pages convert. The best way to achieve this is by ensuring you have good clear call to action buttons present when needed. A well organised page layout will allow the customer to navigate around the site easily, meaning that there is little reason for them to leave. Promotions and offers should be displayed clearly on your ecommerce site to entice visitors into buying and finally a well thought-out checkout process will ensure that you don’t lose out on customers due to unnecessary requirements. Once someone has made up their mind to purchase from you don’t deter them with distractions!


Final important ecommerce landing pages points

During the creation of your landing page the most important question to ask is “if I were the customer, would I want to do business with this site?”. If you find yourself answering with anything other than “absolutely” then you need to rethink the design of your landing page. Remember to keep call to actions prominent, images crisp and clear, keep content relevant and ensure that everything on the page is concise. Fortunately, Store Express has years of experience in the design of landing pages and ecommerce solutions. Let us handle conversion factors for you so you can concentrate on other parts of your business.


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