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You’ll never find out how well or badly your ecommerce store is doing if you never ask! What better people to ask then the people who use it the most; your customers. But how can you go about asking them to reveal all of the problems and highlights of your site without forcing them to do a questionnaire or bribing them with free stuff. This blog hopes to answer all and provide the answers you need to ensure you always get the feedback you need to make your ecommerce solution the best they can be for the customers who use them.


Are customers best for improving ecommerce?

Applying your customers with a simple well worded survey is the best and quickest way of finding out about all of the errors, highlights and improvements that can be made to your ecommerce store. They are generally a reliable source of market intelligence and best of all they are free to utilise. Adding a survey to your website is one of the best moves you can make to ensure that your site will always benefit those who use it, help you keep on top of any areas that need improving and highlight the areas that are doing well. However be careful not to bombard your customers with questions resulting in them leaving the site.


Benefits of ecommerce surveys

You may be thinking about using Google analytics, commissioned usability tests and split tests. Which are all very good, but their findings and results take time to accumulate and often cost money to impose. A customer survey can give you results instantly, cheaply and reliably. The two main benefits to a customer ecommerce survey is the fact that it is instant, a customer finds a problem - reports it - you know about it - it can be fixed. It’s as easy as that, not hanging around for data to build up or tests to run its instant! The second biggest advantage is they will tell you usually exactly what’s wrong, what they wanted to do and why. No more head scratching over basket abandonment rates!


Customer ecommerce survey placement

Now placement of this survey is key, if it’s too hard to find no one will use it and if it’s everywhere people will just get annoyed by it. It has to be placed exactly where they expect it to be, and accessible always if they ever need it. The best point of call is to have an obvious survey at the end of your ordering process, just before the “submit” for payment button. This is where customers who have battled with your site and made an order can let you know if there has been any problems whilst ordering etc. For many ecommerce sites that’s enough, some also place a link somewhere on their homepage saying something like “feedback” this gives customers who may not even be able to get to the payment screen the chance give you some feedback.


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