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According to a new study nearly 50% of smartphone users will use their mobile to search product information after seeing an advert on TV


What does this mean for Ecommerce?

With so many new platforms arriving allowing us access to the web collating ecommerce platforms and marketing and streamlining user experience is going to be a huge prerogative for retailers in the near future. Exciting for everyone involved but retailers need to be on the ball in order to cash in. Ecommerce solutions will need to be available to view on all devices, ideally customised for each one in order to see maximum return.


How it’s done on your website

It might sound like a big ask to customise your ecommerce website for every conceivable device, but it is a necessary hurdle to leap in order to keep up with consumer expectations. And there are ways you can make it easier on yourself. For example, what’s known as a liquid layout is one that will automatically resize your ecommerce website depending on the size of the window it's viewed in.

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