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It’s not news to many people that the high street is suffering under the weight of the more convenient, and often more user-friendly world of online shopping. But there’s potential hope on the horizon for those who are having trouble.

Combining high street and ecommerce for maximum effect

Relatively new shopping app Shopkick provides a location-based loyalty scheme service. Users simply download the free app and it registers every time they enter a physical participating store. They then receive reward points for entering stores and interacting with products and in-store offers. Reward points can then be exchanged against deals in-store, effectively marrying our emerging ecommerce curiosities and ideals with a need to maintain and improve our current high streets.


Will it work?

At the moment it’s only implemented in the US but it’s picking up speed over there, currently having more than 3m active users, in use at 11 national retailers, several entertainment entities and more than 4,000 shops in the US. It has generated over £110m for its retail partners and has collaborated with Visa in setting up rewards for spending over a certain amount in-store. If further developed it could have further potential in pushing ecommerce as well as physical retail. A potential downside, and something that could put some people off, is that a small signal box needs to be installed in-store, but this is a small price to pay for the potential rewards if it takes off. This app, and others following in its wake, could assist the much needed rebirth of the high street and create a link between it and ecommerce and better streamline the entire physical and digital worlds.


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