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Having a high conversion, professionally designed website is essential for a successful online business. The website design and functionality should all work towards encouraging customers to complete specific goals and give them a great user experience.

When it comes to ecommerce websites there are some universal features and functions that have to be included, but there are also things that are unique and specific to you that will be included. One of the more obvious aspects of this is branding. Having a distinctive brand identity can really boost your business.

Store Express are ecommerce experts who work with their clients to create tailor made ecommerce websites and additional ecommerce solutions. Part of their extended range of services includes website design for social media pages. Facebook and Twitter are the giants of the social media world. Utilising any form of social media is a great method of building retention and increasing traffic to your ecommerce site.

Facebook and Twitter Page Designs

Facebook, as you aware, is the most popular social media website in the world with over 900 million users. Having your company be a part of this gives you access to a great range of target markets, so you need to ensure the design of your Facebook page design reflects your brand image and stands out of the crowd. This is particularly important with Facebook because you can’t engage with people until they ‘like’ you.

Twitter is more of a micro blogging site that is focused on real time news and updates. It’s a lot easier to engage with people and you can receive instant feedback on your business. The page design of your twitter account plays a part in making you appear more professional. Store Express again can provide page Twitter page design services including implementing your brand logo or image, great colour schemes and over all contemporary designs.

To find out more about how Store Express can do website design for your ideal social media page, which can work towards boosting your ecommerce solutions performance, contact us today.

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