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 Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year but, until recently, it was only a big deal in America. Tens of thousands of shoppers line up outside of stores before dawn so that they can be the very first into the queue on the famous ‘first-come, first-served’ mentality that the staggering price reductions encourage.


There are, however, thousands of people who are working on Black Friday, who can’t get to the physical shops early enough to take advantage of these deals and, instead, turn to the internet for their shopping fix. By ensuring that your business has eCommerce solutions in place, you are ensuring that you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the massive influx of retail traffic that Black Friday has to offer.


The Common Mistakes Of Black Friday Ecommerce


1.    Checkout Takes Too Long – Black Friday, whether online or offline is all about speed. The customer needs to beat their competitors to the product; they need to grab one of the last few of a dwindling store.

By creating a counter-intuitive checkout process with more than one can drive customers away. It can give them time to search other sites for a better deal and abandon yours.

Amazon, for example, can boast a one-click buy button for many products, particularly electronically delivered ones, which provides a massive boost to spontaneous sales and a hugely increased conversion rate.

A professional eCommerce solution works to get your user to convert into a customer as quickly as possible and that is exactly what a business needs on Black Friday, even more so than every other day of the year.

2.    Not Preparing For Increased Traffic An overload of users can cause your site to crash and this can be incredibly costly at any point. On Black Friday it can be a phenomenal disaster.

In much the same way that long queues can make Black Friday a horrible experience for many customers, inefficient eCommerce solutions can guarantee an even worse experience on an online store where the customer does not expect to have to wait or be denied their purchase.

3.    An Irresponsive Web Design – Black Friday is the day when mobile purchasing completely blows traditional online retailing out of the window. Nowadays, customers can buy their products at work, on the bus, walking to and from shop and just generally dedicate far more of their time to taking advantage of the stunning deals on offer.

Over the last few years a dedicated mCommerce solution was perfect to take advantage of the gently increasing amount of people who accessed retail sites from their mobile devices, but with the improvements to the technology itself, responsive web design is now the most feasible way of offering a uniform experience across the entirety of your website.

4.    Forgetting To Offer Gift Extras Or Free Shipping – Free gifts and free shipping are an integral part of online retailing, with similar deals being offered between many companies often coming down to the added components or the transaction, or factoring in the eventual cost of postage.

5.    Not Thinking Long-Term – Black Friday will bring in more traffic to your site for a short period of time. One of the keys to maintaining a successful eCommerce business is to convince these people to make a return visit once the sales are offer.

Many people may find your site through your Black Friday sales, but it is up to the quality of your eCommerce solution as to whether these customers will remember you for future transactions.


Are Your Ecommerce Solutions Ready For The Ultimate Shopping Splurge?


Black Friday is now known across the world as the busiest shopping day of the year and, for many customers, the prime time for buying Christmas presents at bargain prices. In the UK alone, shoppers are expected to spend more than £200 Million throughout the day, which roughly translates to £6000 a second!


If your business does not have an effective eCommerce solution in place, then you are failing to take advantage of Black Friday as the massive boost in sales your company cannot afford to ignore.


For more information on how our incredible eCommerce solutions, designed by a team of professionals with extensive industry experience, can help your business make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as well as the remainder of the holiday period, contact us today on 0845 050 3500, or email our friendly support staff at

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