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Firstly if your thinking, What is a Trust Seal? Then I shall now explain, if you already know feel free to skim down to the next section of this blog. So what exactly is a trust seal, well to put it bluntly they are seals located on many ecommerce websites that are there to simply win over new customers and make them trust the website they are using. These seals aren’t simply just placed there to fool people they are in fact small awards or certificates of security that have been awarded by various companies that have made sure that the ecommerce store in question meets with their standards and is safe and secure to use.


Do Trust Seals increase conversion?

In a nutshell yes they do, the fact that you have proof that you have a secure, reliable, safe puts faith into customers and means they are much more likely to give you their details and make purchases on your ecommerce store.


What Seals are there?

There are various different trust seals available, each is catered towards a different type of website. Some require more powerful security and some less. Some of the more well known include Mcafee, Truste, the BBB and Verisign SSL. At Store Express we provide each ecommerce website we create with military grade Rapid 128 bit SSL encryption certificate


How does the encryption work?

Quite simply the data packets including the SSL certificate information are sent between the web browser and the server to initiate an encrypted session where sensitive information can be securely transferred between the browser and server. Using this simple process any ecommerce website can be securely connected to the user when transferring files.


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