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Christmas has always been a fantastic time for businesses. From large, multinational conglomerates to small, family-run corner shops; customer spending goes up and there are a few products, like decorations, wrapping paper and Christmas cards, which are guaranteed to sell well.

However, as more and more customers are making the shift from physical to online spending, smaller businesses, few of which have actually made the leap online themselves, are losing out on a much wider range of the audience. Professional eCommerce websites are increasingly taking an ever-growing section of the consumer base. Businesses which don't supply a platform for new and valued customers to purchase their products are losing out to those who do.

A Very Happy, Online Christmas

It is estimated that online spending will surmount £13 Billion this Christmas. This is approximately an 18% rise over last year's £11 Billion (which is certainly not a negligible number without the increase). A huge proportion of that is the result of a few short years. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals now a requirement for successful stores around late November.

The chief executive of Sage Pay, Simon Black, has been recorded as saying ‘With record online spending predicted for Christmas 2014, it has never been more important for small businesses to be online.' He went on to say that eCommerce sites and solutions need to be optimised for the heavy traffic which is almost guaranteed on Cyber Monday.

Ecommerce is expected to account for almost a quarter of all Christmas sales. For any business, particularly a small business, not to be taking advantage of this market is a massive oversight. The lack of an online presence not only affects the business' possible performance at Christmas but its performance in the immediate aftermath of the holiday and the remainder of the year.

Boxing Day is the only UK day to beat Cyber Monday on online retail. In 2013, more than 129 million visits were made to eCommerce websites which set an entirely new record for the biggest online shopping day of the year.

On average, traffic to retail websites has increased by 15% in 2013 from 2012. Experts predict that Boxing Day 2014 will continue this trend and will easily outstrip the previous year as the biggest online shopping day.

Britons are expected to boast the highest share of online and mobile shopping in Europe this Christmas, and even have a higher percentage than the United States. Can your business really afford not to be part of that market?

By making the most of a personalised eCommerce website, designed to meet your business' specifications and your customers' needs, your business can be perfectly placed to enjoy a share of the massive Christmas online retail opportunities.

Ecommerce Websites: A Christmas Present To Your Business

Why not get your business something it can really use this Christmas? Efficient, intuitive eCommerce websites opens up a business to entirely new markets, unconstrained by geography or time, and can make the transaction process that much easier for customers.

For more information on how our experienced team of web design professionals can help your business to take advantage of the Holidays this year, and encourage your company's natural growth throughout the year, please contact us on 0845 050 3500, or email our helpful, knowledgeable support staff at

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