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For as long as there has been the Internet and ecommerce websites there have been 404 pages. They are there when things go wrong and websites break, when this happens it can be frustrating for the user as it makes them feel like they have done something wrong. But wait its not all doom and gloom, with the right thinking you can turn this around and make a 404 page not so bad. How? Read on to find out how this could apply to your ecommerce website!

What is it?

Firstly if you are wondering what is a 404-error page I shall explain, a 404 error page arises when a user can communicate with the server but is trying to access a page that cannot either be found by the server or does not exist. The 404 error page is the default page that is displayed to the user to let them know that what they where trying to do hasn’t worked on any website or ecommerce solution.

Feelings towards the default 404 page

The default 404-error page is somewhat dull and often leaves a rather bitter taste in the users mouth. Secondly and it infers that they did something wrong and that it is their fault, as a user this isn’t a good feeling so this also can often cause some resentment towards the site for not working.

Turn that around!

By investing time into an ecommerce solution customised 404-error page you can really turn all of those negative feelings into reassurance, beauty and even comedy. For example instead of the standard “Error 404 page not found” this message can be changed into anything for instance: “Oops”, “Sorry about that”, “Woops!” Etc. The same can be said for the background image, which can display reassuring pictures or something that the client will find funny. Any improvement over the standard 404-error page is well worth the time and will mean that they will revisit your ecommerce website again.

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