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As more iconic British high street stores begin to crumble under the pressure of the online retail world, many industry experts are encouraging businesses to embrace multichannel ecommerce.

Why Include Multichannel Alongside Your Store/Ecommerce Website?

Operating solely from a physical store is evidently not the best solution for many businesses. Changing consumer behaviours and preferences towards digital and online convenience should prompt all businesses to respond appropriately. This was the main downfall of HMV. They delayed in embracing digital media sales and many of their entertainment products were priced much higher than in supermarkets and online retailers like Amazon. While it may not be viable for all companies to create an e commerce website that can successfully compete on the same scale as other online retailers, they can create a site which enhances the customers shopping experience both in store and online. Multichannel ecommerce solutions such as selling through other online marketplaces and providing compelling services related to the online ecommerce website and in store, are ways in which struggling high street stores can leverage online shopping. A great example of a company that is doing just that is Tesco.

Success With Multichannel Ecommerce Solutions

On the Tesco website you can complete a full grocery shop and have it delivered straight to your door. However there is also the option of click and collect, were you can personally pick up your shopping and avoid delivery charges. They have also developed their digital media services by creating Blinkbox. A service which enables customers to watch film and TV online, similar to Netflix and Love Film services. However the USP (unique selling point) is that Tesco club card points can still be collected. Multichannel solutions for ecommerce websites can transform businesses and enable them to leverage any special skills or USPs they have. Things can be centrally controlled from one EMS (ecommerce management system) and a range of customisable features can be created such as website banners, promotional codes to be used in store or online, customer focused newsletters and more.

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