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Online retailers are facing many demands from consumers to create a quality online shopping experience that could even rival the high street. Convenience and customisable options are some of the main reasons why ecommerce websites are thriving so much. However, for fashion retailers who operate solely online; they face the challenge of trying to surpass high street fashion retailers.

High Street Overtaken By Ecommerce Websites

For decades the clothes shopping experience has been centred on pounding the pavements and waltzing into shop after shop, trying on clothes, feeling and seeing what the fashion world has to offer. Prior to the ecommerce website boom, many people were sceptical as how the public could embrace a method of shopping were all they have to rely on is a product image and limited size guide.

However current industry leaders like have proven that quality and bespoke ecommerce services can keep consumers more than happy.

ASOS A Glowing Example Of Online Fashion Retail

ASOS is a prime example of a fashion retailer that has made shopping online more appealing than in store shopping. They really understand their market and provide a range of services online that keep people coming back for more. Aside from the great convenience of shopping anywhere at any time, they are not limited by stock rooms and physical stores on the variety of clothes they can sell, they have excellent delivery options (both national and international) and competitive pricing.

The above are just some features that fashion ecommerce websites can adopt in order to be in a better position of selling more online.

When it comes to providing customers everything the high street can and more, the issue of not trying things on has always been problematic. Clothing sizes from different stores can slightly differ and there is no telling until you have worn something whether it suits you perfectly; in terms of both fit and style. Online Fitting Room For Ecommerce Websites

With great product return options, many fashion e-tailers have coped well with this potential difficulty. However there have been developments to provide virtual fitting rooms so shoppers can be confident what they order will definitely fit their body.

Retailers like Hugo Boss, L.K Bennet, Superdry and Adidas have signed up to featuring an online fitting room on their ecommerce website. This technology created by, allows customers to enter their specific measurements and an image will be generate showing how the clothes will look on them. This service can eliminate the need to return items down to irregular fit, giving customers an even better online shopping experience and better financial performance for businesses.

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