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Whilst an increasing number of businesses are expanding into, and taking advantage of, the amazing world of online retail through their eCommerce websites, a far weaker percentage of those businesses are truly taking advantage of the latest advances in both technology and customer convenience.

Multichannel eCommerce is the way forward for any aspiring eCommerce business, or an established business which is looking to improve its online presence (not to mention its income!) through an improved UX (User Experience) and business-wide marketing.

What Is Multichannel eCommerce?

Multichannel eCommerce is when a business sells their products through multiple market places, alongside their eCommerce website. By offering products through both Amazon and eBay, for example, a business can greatly increase the chances of a successful conversion from a potential customer into a paying customer.

More and more businesses are beginning to expand into multichannel eCommerce as a means of enhancing their online visibility, whilst simultaneously reaching millions more potential customers!

The Amazing Benefits Of Multichannel eCommerce!

•    Improved Customer Perception – A contemporary business needs to offer a seamless, integrated experience across every one of their outlets; it helps to promote the brand identity and it makes the process as easy and, therefore, enjoyable as possible for the user.

Brands which don’t over a synergetic experience are more likely to drive away customers, particularly as more and more big name brands begin to offer their own multichannel eCommerce solutions.

•    Increased Sales/Income – Perhaps the most obvious benefit of multichannel eCommerce is the associated increase in sales and, therefore, increased profit. Multichannel eCommerce, by offering a wide range of engagement points for the customer to make a purchase increases the customer’s convenience and the overall ease of the sale.

This not only boosts profits, but it also contributes to a much easier experience for the customer, who is more likely to come away with a positive opinion of your eCommerce business as a whole, thereby boosting the chance of a repeat transaction.

Offering as many engagement points as you can, all contributing to make the transaction easier for the customer in a variety of ways, can massively increase the likelihood of a converting sale.

•    Vastly Improved Data Collection – People are far more comfortable in entering their information into online forms than they are to a salesperson, or to a website they have never used before.

By offering your products on another site, like Amazon or eBay, you are granting yourself access to a much wider range of user data and helping to promote your business’ credibility.

With access to more information, you can tailor your eCommerce solution to fit the needs of your typical customer, further increasing the chance of a conversion from potential to paying customer.

•    Enhanced Productivity – Multichannel eCommerce may not be considered an effective way to improve the productivity of employee’s, but if they are able to access products from mobile devices, such as phones or tablets, then they are able to order items on the go, and not have to wait for an available desktop PC.

Amazing Multichannel eCommerce – From Store Express

Here at Store Express, we specialise in designing and developing innovative and intuitive multichannel eCommerce solutions to ensure that your brand makes the most out of online retail. By encouraging an online presence which stretches across multiple platforms, your business can make the most of an increasingly wide range of customers, gather more relevant data and increase its profits through an increase in sales.

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