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The Benefits Of Repeat Customers On Your Ecommerce Website

In a recent report from Marketing Metrics, eConsultancy and Adobe, loyal and repeat shoppers were shown to have conversion rates 5-9 times higher than first time buyers. Customers loyal to your brand are not only easier to convert into repeat sales, but spend more and cost less to service. If you are able to maintain a loyal customer base, it will help you to spread word of your business, and improve new customer knowledge of your online shopping experience.

According to the Adobe report US repeat shoppers who were surveyed, representative of 8% of all traffic, accounted for almost 41% of all total online sales. That means that repeat customers accounts for almost half of your businesses revenue. Therefore, every customer who repeat purchases is worth approximately 11x the revenue of a new customer. The report revealed that customers making a second purchase spent three times as much as per last visit, and those who repeatedly purchased three or more times could spend up to five times as much per visit.

Given this, it should probe financially beneficial to promote repeat custom on your ecommerce website. Loyal customers influence those around them to purchase and in turn help to generate increased sales and new customers. There are six key behaviours that online retailers should adopt if they are looking to increase repeat business on their ecommerce website:

  • Offer quality products
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Sell at competitive prices
  • Be convenient
  • Reward repeat purchasers
  • Say Thank You
  • Securing Repeat Customers

    The probability of getting a new visitor to purchase on their first visit to your ecommerce website is slim at only 1%. Only 5% of new customers who make a purchase will return to your website, and only 3% will make a second purchase. Knowing the importance repeat custom has on your revenue, these figures may be alarming. One sure fire way of securing repeat custom is to keep in contact with those who have purchased. One a customer has made a purchase, follow it up with a confirmation email. The aim of this is to ensure the customer returns to your website, so avoid aggressive sales techniques. Make sure that your companies brand is clear, link them back to your website and their purchase, and offer them support and advice on products that might suit them. The key to improving your repeat custom conversion rate is great customer service. If shoppers should feel that they are getting a service from you, and not the other way round.

    Similarly, when customers make purchase on your ecommerce websites, link them to products that other customers may have brought. Shoppers are more likely to purchase something recommended by a customer, over something that isnt. You want to make your customers feel confident in what they have purchased, and feel that they can come back to you for similar products. If you are looking for expert help and advice on your ecommerce website, then talk to the ecommerce experts at Store Express. We offer a range of ecommerce solutions, website design and ecommerce software. With a Store Express solution, you can create the perfect shopping experience for your customers.

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