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Multichannel is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the world of ecommerce. At the 4th annual multichannel summit in London, the head of omni-channel development at John Lewis explained how the customer is dictating the change in shopping, both online and in store. The only solution for e-commerce websites and high street stores looking to have long term success is to bring cohesion within the industry and embrace a clicks and mortar way of operating a retail business.

Options For E commerce Websites and High Street Stores

When assessing the multichannel eCommerce options a business can take, many are being drawn to the option of integrating their ecommerce websites with online marketplaces. Places like Amazon, eBay and give internet retailers the opportunity to reach a vast market of shoppers both nationally and internationally. However some find it difficult to adapt their strategy to this new environment. The chief executive of N Brown Group, a leading internet and catalogue home shopping company, explained Everybody wants to control the customer and were keen on them coming directly through us, not through somebody elses portal. Thats why weve been slow to go on to other peoples marketplaces.

If some e-commerce website owners are reluctant to utilise a marketplace, multichannel is flexible enough to offer various methods of differentiating yourself from competitors and coming out on top with services the customer will value highly. For example, convenience is one of the main driving factors for e-commerce success. Shoppers can avoid long queues, limited stock and the hassle of bringing their goods home by themselves. But if businesses that have already unified their online and high street store services where to further optimise delivery options, they could pose a big threat to some internet marketplaces. One industry expert commented that these kinds of retailers can defeat marketplace delivery options with the flexibility of fulfilling online orders from physical store stock, not just warehouses exclusive to online sales. With local couriers there is the ability to deliver some orders in as short as 90 minutes. However this kind of service can only be made a reality with quality ecommerce solutions and software that can monitor stock levels of all warehouses and stores within a company.

E-commerce Solutions For Multichannel Ecommerce

In order to make the most out of the opportunities multichannel ecommerce presents, retailers need to incorporate professional ecommerce solutions into their operations. Unity between internet sales and store sales is what will allow certain businesses in the retail industry to flourish within a currently unstable market.

It is imperative to learn from the decisions some failing businesses have made like HMV, Jessops and Blockbuster. While they await some form of revival and begin the difficult process of downsizing, measures should be taken by surviving businesses to avoid realising a similar fate.

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