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As a part of your ecommerce solution, in the CMS you are able to view so much from Order Management to Reports. You can visit your CMS any time to view all the information you need to know regarding your Marketplace Edition. You will have your own secure log in and from here you will be able to control all product imports, what sites your products are being sold on and be able to view which site the customer is buying the products from.

To help your ecommerce solution, knowing where your customers are buying your products from can help you greatly. Gaining knowledge of where you should be targeting your products. For example, a product category may sell a lot better on eBay than on Amazon and you can use this to your advantage by driving a product category more through one than the other. This will increase your average order value, conversions and reduce bounce back.

You can assess all the ins and outs of your webpage, eBay and Amazon by viewing easy to read and up to date reports that only contain the information you need. Being able to view all this on one single interface saves you time and really will improve the your efficiency of your ecommerce solution.

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