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One of the main appealing factors of operating an online business is that the barriers to entry of operating on a global scale are incredibly low. Just by creating an ecommerce website you already have the instant capability to become a multinational retailer. The only way to properly benefit from this is to optimise your website for international sales and advertise to specific target markets where you can be confident of sales success.

Ecommerce Websites Increasingly Popular In China

Aside from the UK and USA, Far East Asia is a region were online shopping is a core element of the retail industry; particularly China. Residents of China are known to be great consumers of luxury retail items both nationally and internationally in shopping capitals like London, Paris and New York. While British people spend an average of 1083 per year online, more than any other country in the world, Chinese people are still breaking ecommerce records of their own. PwC produced a survey which found that 70% of consumers in China shop at least once a week. Four times higher than European consumers and almost double the amount of consumers in the USA and UK.

Taobao is an ecommerce website giant in China and operates similar to online marketplaces eBay and Amazon. It has a product line of over 800 million and it ranges from food to clothes and technology. With the right strategy in place, international websites can join this booming sector in China and benefit from the fact that the market is still not mature. Meaning first mover advantages missed out in the western markets can be enjoyed here.

For example, in the UK the leading websites have set the bar for what great customer service and ecommerce website layout is. Following this example, online retailers can use this information and apply it to new international consumer markets. Working out what demands of theirs are not being met and how their ecommerce website needs to be adapted in order to appeal to them.

Appealing To Online Shoppers In China

Current research has shown that online shoppers in China are unhappy with certain aspects of their ecommerce industry. 54.4% are unsatisfied with the accuracy of product images online which is an aspect many leading e-tailers have gotten around by implementing highly detailed product descriptions, videos and photos from varying angles. Conversion rate is heavily reliant on things such as this, so for any international ecommerce websitesin China that have an optimised product page, they are more likely to experience higher conversions than their regional competitors. Other complaints from Chinese shoppers included bad customer service, unreliable distribution/delivery and difficulty in returning items.

Before launching into a new international realm, it is imperative you do detailed research on the country, its regulations, culture and consumers. This puts you in a better position to do things correctly and consequently successfully.

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