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As an online retailer it can be useful to utilise online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon alongside your own ecommerce solution.

A stall in the online marketplace

Online marketplaces are an excellent subsidiary to an online ecommerce business and can be an excellent way to reach out to a larger audience. They do present a problem, however, in that if you have multiple selling accounts across multiple channels it can prove a bit of a logistical nightmare.

There is a better way

Having multiple selling accounts can be a nightmare in terms of handling orders, deliveries, customer service... everything but the product itself. If you want your marketplace accounts to operate seamlessly alongside your ecommerce website, allowing you to deal efficiently with all of the above (and why wouldn't you!) then there is help at hand. With an ecommerce solution with built-in marketplace integration you can smoothly manage activity from across all your channels, enabling you to concentrate on marketing your product and providing a friendly and effective customer service.

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