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It’s a fact that mobile ecommerce is on the rise, with the advent of greater powered smart phones and more affordable contracts more people than ever have access to the mobile web 24/7. So, what does that mean for the world of  mobile ecommerce? Many large companies have seen the potential of the mobile web and are now equipping themselves with mobile friendly versions of many of their ecommerce solutions. By creating a mobile friendly version of your website you are opening your companies doors to online trade via mobile devices. With the increase of tablet computer usage now the primary ‘relaxing’ computer these are important customers to cater for. Imagine the thousands of people relaxing on their sofa with their smart phone or tablet computer who has the urge to make a purchase, do you want to miss out on that opportunity?

Do I really need mobile ecommerce?

The speed in which the mobile web is growing and the proof that its not just a fad by many large companies offering mobile versions of their sites suggests it is definitely worth getting. Due to their small size and simple design they don’t have a huge workload involved. Its important to remember that a mobile website is a condensed slimmed down version of your current site, so redesigns are a must. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing,

Layout of Mcommerce

With small keypads and touch screens, sometimes looking through a mobile site can be hard work and time consuming. So when building an mcommerce site make sure to put the information you want your users to see first at the top of the page. You should also include the logo at the top of the page to make sure you are spreading your brand image across various devices on the web.

On a phone it can be extremely irritating having to scroll left to right, so in your design make sure that your content is placed into one single column. The same theory applies to tables these can be hard to read on a mcommerce site compared to an ecommerce website where it can be very effective.

Images on your mobile ecommerce site

Page load times will affect your bounce rates massively especially on a mobile ecommerce website, where the customer is most probably just looking quickly at a product or service. Therefore when building your mobile ecommerce site make sure to use graphics and images as little as possible, if you do use images make sure they are either .jpeg, .gif or.png formats. Finally some users will actually browse on their mobiles with images switched off to speed up load times, so to make the experience efficient for everyone make sure you implement alt tags on to every single image.

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