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Are you unsure if a multi channel eCommerce solution is the right step forward for your business? Here are six facts to give you a helping hand.

1. Almost Everyone In The UK Is Online
In 2016, 92% of the UK's 64.91 million population is online. That's an incredible amount of people who could potentially become your customers. If only 1% of the UK's online population bought a product, that's still 597172 people.
The opportunities available from eCommerce are too great to miss out on.

2. Two Of The Most Visited Websites In The UK Are Marketplaces
The two top spots are held by #1 eBay and #2 Amazon. With such a large amount of traffic reaching these two websites, can you really afford not to utilise a multi channel eCommerce solution?

3. In 2015 The UK Was The Most Active EU Country Within eCommerce
During 2015, 81% of the UK population made a purchase online. Whereas Denmark (79%) and Luxembourg (78%) came 2nd and 3rd.

Even though we have voted to leave the European Union online eCommerce should not suffer. The two countries we purchase the most goods from online are outside of the EU. The most popular country being The United States of America (24%) and the People's Republic of China (21%)

4. People Look For Information Online
Around 81% of people research an item before purchasing and60% use a search engine to begin their product search. The search engineGoogle, provides at least two trillion searches a year, that's approximately 63,000 searches a second. If the customer then decides to purchase your item, having a multi channel solution allows them to easily find your product on which ever platform they prefer.

5. Personalised Experiences
In online marketplaces such as Amazon, customers are offered suggestions based upon previous purchases. This personalised experience is a fantastic way foryou to advertise your products. If you integrate marketplaces such as Amazon into your multi channel eCommerce solution, you could find a vast number of new customers who have discovered your items in their suggestion list.

6. You Can Save Time
The popular Benjamin Franklin quote “time is money" rings true with multi channel eCommerce. Instead of logging onto every retailer website individually, having to remember unique usernames and passwords for each retailer, having to spend countless hours updating each channel individually, you can use a multi channel solution and save yourself time.

This time can be spent growing your business in other ways, perhaps implementing digital marketing solutions; maybe you could learn a new skill or perhaps simply just doing the things that you enjoy.

Fantastic Multi Channel eCommerce Solutions From Store Express

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