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Technology today is forever advancing, so do does the evolution of retail. Thanks to eCommerce we can purchase products from the comfort of our homes, onour desktop computers, our laptops and now even our Smartphones. So with this rise in technology, it is now more important than ever to take advantage of multi-channel eCommerce.

Here are 5 reasons why multi-channel eCommerce can increase your revenue.

1. Every Customer Is Different
Every customer is different, thus every customer has a preferred method of purchasing goods online. Some customers prefer eBay whilst others may prefer Amazon. It is more beneficial to attract your customer on the website of their choice, instead of trying to attract them to a different one. By casting a wide multi-channel net, you're likely to attract a much larger amount of new customers, thus increase your sales.

2. Be Everywhere At Once
With a brick-and-mortar store, you're restricted to a local area. With online stores, you can do business with a wide variety of customers and you're only restricted to where you can post to. It's now easier than ever for a customer in London to purchase an item from a company in Singapore.

3. Collect Data
Information is the key to many things. The more information you have on your customers the better you can tailor your products to them. By using ecommerceit is easier to collect data. According to people are more likely to give their email address online, than to give any details to a cashier.

By collecting more information from your customers you can gain more information on buying habits, and reduce the amount of wasted stock by planning ahead of time in order to maximise profits.

4. Security
People now trust online security more than people. Data stored within a computer is protected by an encrypted digital lock that requires specified bots to crack and even those bots can take multiple years to crack encryption on some locks, making it a very attractive option for customers.

Privacy concerns are very popular in today's environment. With twitter accounts and old websites getting hacked, a website with up-to-date security features is very reassuring to customers.

5. Impulse Buys
According to uk.buisnessinsider, “the vast majority (about 87%) of impulse buys are made from users navigating website categories". With multi-channel eCommerce you can increase the amount of impulse buys on your products.

Online shopping taps into the impulse buying nature, people can 'window shop' from the comfort of their own home. A smart retailer can use this to their advantage. By using the data you've collected in step 3 you can tailor 'suggested products' to previous customers, further increasing the chances they'll add the item to their cart and increase your profits.

Multi-Channel eCommerce With Store Express

Multi-channel eCommerce provides online businesses with the opportunity to sell through multiple market places on the web. With our multi-channel eCommerce services, you can reach potentially thousands of extra customers from Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping.

If you're interested in learning more about multi-channel eCommerce or any of the other services we provide here at Store Express please don't hesitate to contact our highly informed team of experts on 0845 050 3500.

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