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A huge percentage of businesses, particularly small or start-up businesses are only just beginning to take advantage of eCommerce websites as a means of increasing profit, brand awareness and the audience that they can market their products/services to.

These companies are way behind in the technological race to supply the customer’s demand; Mobile Websites are the best new way of encouraging a positive user experience, not to mention offering the same benefits as a traditional eCommerce site.

Going Mobile!

Creating a mobile website in addition to a traditional website tends to make most businesses shaking their heads as though it were impossible. Why, they often ask, do I need two websites? Is it really that big of a deal?

Somewhat predictably, our answer is an emphatic yes! Without a mobile website in addition to the typical eCommerce site, businesses which cannot afford to be turning down custom are doing exactly that! It might be an indirect refusal, but it is a refusal nonetheless.

Going mobile can benefit a business in a wide variety of ways, but there are some businesses which will benefit from a website which has been optimised for mobile devices in incredibly fruitful ways.

Why Does Your Business Need To Embrace A Mobile Website?

If you own a local business, or one which often has emergency or spontaneous customers, such as a car repair garage, a hardware store, a bakery or a local restaurant, then you cannot afford not to be embracing a mobile optimised website!

Picture the situation; you’re visiting a new town with your family and you are all hungry, or your car breaks down. You decide to check your mobile device for information about local restaurants or garages, or even a temporary hotel, but the site is so small, so hard to navigate on your mobile device that you can find neither the location, nor the name, nor the pricing, nor the food or services that the business offers. 

Most mobile users will abandon a site within seconds if it isn’t immediately obvious that the information they require is easily accessible, even in an emergency.

Small businesses which do take advantage of mobile websites have seen their business increase, as a direct result of mobile device traffic, by an incredible 84 percent!

So, too, are mobile websites effective for eCommerce businesses. By offering your customers the ability to interact with your eCommerce site on the move, you are increasing the time that customers can spend on your store, allowing a uniform interaction across all devices which helps to increase your brand’s credibility, and making a transaction or a converting action all the more likely.

Professional Mobile Websites For Start-Ups and Local Businesses

Embracing a mobile website can be the first step in a long strategy to increase awareness around your brand and business, along with increasing the income and number of transactions your business enjoys. Whether a local business, a start-up or a multinational conglomerate, mobile websites are the way forward and can be just the edge you need to put you ahead of your competition.

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